Ford SID213 EVO Tuning Box

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The Ford SID 213 EVO ECU has long been a source of vexation for vehicle owners, drivers, and tuning enthusiasts across the globe. As of now, the Ford SID 213EVO ECU software remains closed to tuning, a fact that’s been true since its launch in 2023. This new generation of SID213 ECUs is found in an extensive array of Ford vehicles, including the world’s most frequently tuned vehicle, the reliable Ford Transit, and the highly sought-after Ford Ranger.

This encryption has created a significant void in the tuning industry, leaving many customers with lower BHP versions or heavy-duty vehicles yearning for that extra boost in power and torque.

That’s where VIEZU comes in.

Understanding the need, VIEZU has meticulously designed, tested, and perfected the VIEZU V-Box, specifically tailored for vehicles equipped with the SID 213 EVO ECU. The V-Box is a marvel of sophistication, yet it’s as simple as plug-and-play to install. Connecting to the vehicle through a wide range of sensors under the hood, the VIEZU V-Box offers a variety of control maps and settings to suit the driver’s needs, whether it’s outright power and torque, maximum fuel economy, or a harmonious blend of both.

With VIEZU’s innovative solution, the once-impenetrable Ford SID 213 EVO ECU is no longer a barrier to unlocking your vehicle’s full potential. Experience the difference with the VIEZU V-Box, and drive the way you’ve always wanted. Visit to learn more.

SID 213 Tuning made easy

Once programmed the VIEZU V-box can be fitted in just minutes, and can be removed any time leaving no trace. Removal from one vehicle to another is also possible – at time of vehicle change over or sale for example.

VIEZU offer worldwide support to tuners, tuning tool, service and software. International sales are tax free too. If you are looking to have your new Ford tuned, or require any advice on tuning or ECU remapping, mail the support team at

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