Waxoyl – Rust proofing your Land Rover Defender

Winter is harsh and so is Rust. The Cure –Waxoyl Your Land Rover Defender

Rust is a Dirty Word

Rust.. the bane of motorists’ lives and an MOT failure waiting to happen (when affecting safety-critical areas).

Grit and salt on the road come hand-in-hand with the cold winter months. These are a couple of the main causes of rust.

Here in Britain, the climate is, say, ripe for rust. When rust hits, it can be difficult to stop in its tracks. This is where Waxoyl comes in…

Waxoyl prevents the start and spread of rust before it becomes a real problem.

Waxoyl is a rustproofing fluid. It works to protect the vehicle chassis and bodywork, shielding them from the ingress of water and air. This barrier stops new rust from developing and slows existing surface rust from deteriorating.

Land Rover Defender Waxoyl before and after:

Land Rover Defender Waxoyl - BeforeLand Rover Defender Waxoyl After

Protect Your Investment

Traditionally, 4X4 and classic car owners waxoyled their cars to extend the overall life of the chassis and bodywork, though waxoyling is not limited to these vehicles.

Do not let all your hard work go to waste, and have rust eat away at your investment. About to invest money to restore your classic Land Rover Defender, you want to make sure you protect your chassis from future damage. Waxoyling your Defender is a no-brainer in any restoration project. Land Rover Defender Restoration

With the increased use of salt on the roads, and with falling winter temperatures, waxoyling your Defender is the best way to avoid any lasting damage to your Land Rover Defender’s chassis and bodywork.

How Is Waxoyling Applied?

We get right into every nook and cranny of the underside of the Defender to remove surface rust, and fully decontaminate the chassis (removing any mud, salt, grease etc).

Decontaminating the chassis may identify areas that need welding. It is important to resolve these issues before waxoyling to keep your Defender structurally sound.


Once the Land Rover Defender chassis is prepared, waxoyl is then applied directly to and entirely coating the bare metal of the Defender to prevent rust from spreading and forming.

VIEZU ensures every part of bare metal is treated to prevent rust from developing and spreading.

Protection Pays

Save on future repairs with a Land Rover Defender Waxoyl.Waxoyling can save you cash in the long run, by preventing corrosion of your Defender’s chassis, the large bill that comes with repairing it, and potentially extensive chassis welding repairs.


Also, waxoyling your Land Rover Defender’s underside can preserve the Defender’s value should you wish to sell as it is better protected against the elements.

Did It Again

Waxoyl, like any vehicle protection product, needs to be reapplied regularly.

Reapplication timescales depend on your use of the Land Rover Defender. If you’re an avid off-roader and take your Defender off-road frequently, or you live near the coast/water, your Land Rover Defender will need Waxoyling annually. This accounts for the harsher conditions your Defender endures and any extra contaminants.

For normal use, we advise reapplication every 3 years. Any touch-ups required should be seen to swiftly to avoid rust and corrosion affecting exposed areas.

How Long Does Waxoyling Take?

Typically, waxoyling a Land Rover Defender can take up to 2 full days to complete, including curing time.

LAND ROVER DEFENDER waxoyl curing time

It is important not to drive your Defender, as tempting as it may be, for the first 24 hours, as the heat generated from the engine can interfere with the curing process and may not be an effective protection against rust. Land Rover Defender Restoration Parts

Protect Your Car, All Year Round

All of our work is carried out in a dry workshop environment, so you don’t have to wait for summer to come calling to protect your Land Rover Defender from rust.

For more information or a quote on waxoyling your Defender, get in touch via email: info@viezu.com, or call us on +44 (0) 1789 774444.

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