VW Amarok Tuning and ECU Remapping at Viezu

VW Amarok Tuning and ECU Remapping at Viezu

Its about time VW got into the big over-sized pick up and SUV market, lets face it the VW caddy pick up never really cut it against the Hi Lux and Nissan Navarra crew, well the VW Amarok sure knows how to make a statement and square competition, once loaded on the dyno, this beast fills the dyno room at viezu, owned and run by BVR one of the UK best known VW specialists and Viezu dealer this Amarok was in for some tuning to raise the bar even higher.

VW tuning is one of our passions at Viezu, there is always going to be a needs for VW Amarok tuning as these work horses can always do with a little more power and torque, an  additional 38-40bhp is easily achievable without over stressing components or affecting vehicles use and reliability in anyway, and further more if the tune is set up correctly 3mpg improvement can be achieved.

After engine tuning the VW Amarok  will feel smoother, and considerably more responsive across the whole rev range, throttle response and acceleration will be significantly, And that comes with Viezu’s  money back guaranteed.    Here at Viezu we are constantly developing our ECU remapping tuning services. All development work is carried out in Viezu’s state of the art environmentally controlled dyno house, on our 3000bhp rolling road and emission testing station.

Viezu specialise in Vag tuning, Audi tuning, VW tuning. VW Tuning is available for virtually all the Vag range of vehicles both petrol and diesel. If you would like further information please see our website at  www.viezu.com, or mail at info@viezu.com, we have over 340 dealers around the world, and are happy to assist with any questions.

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