Van Tuning Fuel Economy Tuning and remapping for Fleets

Van Tuning – Fuel Economy Tuning and remapping for Fleets

New fuel-saving technology is being installed on this fleet of light commercial vehicles. Viezu Technologies to introduce the new technology to its existing fleet of light commercial vehicles. BlueOptimize has been developed at Viezu’s technical centre over the past two years and is the only vehicle tuning product focused solely on reducing fuel consumption and emissions, rather than enhancing performance. You can see more here

fleet fuel remapping

It has been designed for both commercial fleet operators and private motorists eager to save on running costs while improving their green credentials at the same time. It is estimated that BlueOptimize can cut fuel use by up to 15 per cent. The technology consists of bespoke software which includes a combination of throttle, rev, speed and power limiting. Using our team of field based installers and our Dealer network we have been able to provide a cost effective and most importantly flexible installation solution. Viezu’s expertise in vehicle efficiency has earned it contracts from corporate giants including BT, which chose BlueOptimize engine software for its entire fleet of 24,000 light commercial vehicles. Thanks to the improved fuel efficiency of its vans BT is now saving £4million a year in diesel costs and estimates that the reduction in its fleet’s carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 5,000 London cabs off the road. For more information about Viezu Technologies please visit