VAG 1.6 TDI DSG Tuning and ECU Remap Upgrade

VAG 1.6 TDI DSG Tuning and ECU Remap Upgrade at Viezu 

The Golf 1.6tdi 105hp model shown above was in at Viezu HQ to have DSG Tuning and reprogramming with a Viezu Performance tuning file. This car has a humble little 1.6tdi engine that produces up to 105hp depending upon the model variant and option you choice from one of the 4 VAG marques (AUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VW). With a heavy and complicated DSG transmission bolted into the drivetrain the vehicle feels even less responsive than the manual variant.

VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning
VAG 1.6TDI VW Tuning

This is why we decided that is should be one of the first vehicles to receive our brand new DSG tuning upgrade. Improved DSG shift times, faster gearbox response and a stronger torque delivery. The performance gearbox remap to this DSG is fantastic. When this is combined with the Viezu engine tuning performance remap power upgrade, the car is transformed. Faster 0-60mph, faster ¼ mile times, higher ¼ mile exit speed. This car was so drastically improve that the customer was speechless when he saw the results. With the Viezu Technologies performance tuning DSG upgrade and ecu engine remap, the car ran 1.3 seconds faster over the quarter mile and the results are below for the car in SPORT mode. Truly amazing gains from the Viezu DSG tuning performance upgrade.

Improvements in the gearshift timing and torque delivery have made this a brilliantly responsive little car now, transforming it into a little diesel hot hatch. The ecu remap delivers power gains of 30hp and 44nm revitalise this underpowered engine and the Viezu combined engine remap and DSG performance power upgrade, work together in perfect harmony. The Viezu DSG tune is a must if you are going to have a Viezu remap on the engine. Below you can see the final power output graph of the VW GOLF TDI 1.6 105hp, with the DSG tune and Viezu performance tuning. Power is up 35bhp and 44nm of torque.

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