Jaguar F Type tuning and Jaguar F Type Performance Remapping

Jaguar F-type tuning and Jaguar F-type ECU remapping


The world has to catch its breath when the first Jaguar F Type images were shown, then we all had wait, would Jaguar build it, would they not, The convertible version of F-Type was first revealed in Sundance, London, which was followed by a presentation at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Its stunning looks, offering Jaguar heritage and reasonable price tag were always going to make the F-Type a sure hit The top of the range Jaguar F Type is the V8 S, with Jaguar?s 5.0-litre, 495 PS (364 kW; 488 hp) supercharged petrol engine, its know this engine runs 520bhp in the XKR, and Viezu tune that to 560bhp, so if all thing are equal its time for some


Jaguar F Type tuning.

The Viezu team are real experts when it comes to Jaguar tuning and remapping, we really do lead the world in the field, with our Jaguar tuning files and Land Rover tuning files being used by the most renowned tuning houses around the world. Viezu also supply a full range of Jaguar performance parts and Jaguar exhaust system, including Jaguar F type exhaust systems and super charger pulleys. Viezu’s Jaguar f Type tuning will boost power by 40bhp, and add around 55Nm torque, power delivery is smoother with considerable increase in throttle response and mid- range power, you can see a short video of our Jaguar F Type tuning here httpss://

And specifically our Jaguar tuning can be found on our website here Jaguar F-Type tuning, and all other models of Jaguar is available from Viezu, and our worldwide dealer network, please drop us a mail if you have any questions concerning our Jaguar tuning or any other vehicle