Refit My DPF!

Remember the DPF you (or the owner before you, or before them…) removed with the all good intention of saving some money? Well… according to new regulations, that was a big mistake, and DPF cleaning is instead the right solution.

We remember the reasons for taking out the DPF in the first place. frequent short journeys, fear the DPF would clog up and cause untold engine damage, and overly expensive repairs causing those sleepless nights. What was easier and more cost effective than removing it, right? 

DPF Warning Light

The Environment

OK, so it’s better for the environment to refit my DPF, shouldn’t I be worried about all the reasons I took it out in the first place? Things have changed a lot and over the past decade there have been many advancements in technology, and depending on your vehicle, DPFs are less likely to clog as they once were when they were first introduced, especially with regular cleaning.

DPF Exhaust Cleaner Eco Friendly

New MOT Rules

New regulations introduced in 2014, and the more recent MOT changes have meant that driving on public roads without a DPF could land you in very real trouble. There are big consequences too and potentially a hefty £1,000 fine! Not to mention throwing in the offence of driving without valid insurance and the cost getting your DPF refitted, and you’re looking at a very expensive journey!

Rejoin the Green side

Many unsuspecting drivers have been caught out by the rule change, and are now, like you, looking for someone to help keep their car on the road and put that DPF back!

If you need more of an incentive and to give you a little bonus for refitting your DPF, refitting the DPF will help to maintain some of the value of your car, so if you’re selling your vehicle, buyers won’t be able to haggle you for the cost of refitting the DPF, because you’ll already have done it!

DPF Refit and Reinstatement Greener Car

DPF Refit Cost

Typically, refitting a DPF is a 3-hour job, and can cost in the region of £300* just in labour charges and the DPF potentially costing you more than 3x that figure*. We can provide a DPF replacement service to get your vehicle back on the right side of the law with regards your DPF. Our services include: new DPF, new temperature sensor, and software revision on all diesel vehicles. We’ll look after the pounds in your pocket, when compared with main dealer fitment fees. 

DPF Refit and Reinstatement

Book my DPF Refit

Here at Viezu we have highly knowledgeable teams ready and willing to answer to your technical questions and provide you with further information.

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*Prices can vary dependant on vehicle and parts required.