DPF Cleaning and DPF Service

As well as tuning, and ecu remapping, Viezu and many of our national and international dealers and installers also offer DPF cleaning and DPF serving for Blocked DPF’s. The fitment of a DPF (diesel particulate filter) is a legal requirement in the Uk and across many parts of the world so removing your DPF is not such a great idea when your DPF is blocked – DPF Cleaning is the logical way forward.

DPF Cleaning and DPF Service Viezu

Before you remove your DPF and delete it, or remove your DPF and send it way for cleaning; STOP Now! Viezu and our team of highly trained installers can help, you can come to us to have your DPF cleaned, or book one of our many mobile dealers and workshops to have DPF Cleaning and servicing carried out. Book your mobile DPF cleaning now.

  • 98% success rate for blocked DPF units
  • No charge if we can’t clean your DPF unit
  • No Quibble DPF Cleaning Guarantee
  • Over 25 years experience in tuning and garage service
  • Mobile and Workshop facilities
  • Combine you DPF cleaning with performance or fuel economy tuning for a discount


DPF issues fixed Viezu

DPF Cleaning for cars, vans and light commercial vehicles  

Whilst many offering DPF cleaning services will steam in and start flushing chemicals and cleaning solutions into your DPF, when in fact the first thing to understand is why your DPF is blocked, Viezu and our dealers first take the time carry our full DPF diagnostics, this is repeated after the cleaning has taken place to ensure the DPF cleaning has been successful and that any underlying DPF issues are understood and resolved.

Viezu is ISO 9001 quality certified and the tools and DPF cleaning process we use are  TUV approved as well, so you at the right place and in safe hands. Our DPF cleaning services meet the international standards for best practice. Our team operate the latest and best diagnostic tools, and have undergone expert training to not only clean the DPF, but understand the root cause of any underlying the DPF issue causing the blocking.

By cleaning your blocked DPF it will extend the life of your diesel particulate filter, engine power and performance will be maintained, and fuel economy and MPG will be also be restored.

In the event that your DPF filter is damaged, either by corrosion or by melting we can also arrange a replacement either original manufacture part, or we have access to the finest quality (and much cheaper) aftermarket DPF replacement parts – so whatever your DPF issue Viezu and a dealer network are here to help. 

One-off treatment for blocked DPFs

The DPF cleaning treatment process is designed to clean diesel particulate filters that have become blocked due to a build-up of soot. It is a much cheaper solution than replacing the DPF, however occasionally a filter is so blocked it can’t be cleaned with an  “on vehicle” cleaning solution, where this is the case Viezu will not charge you for the original clean. We will though remove the filter for you and send it away for deep process cleaning and flushing, this is a more in depth cleaning process and will require 48hrs to complete.  

This work will need to be quoted for individually as vehicle price due to the length of time this will take and the size of the filter – either way though we can help!


DPD cleaning treatments are guaranteed to work on over 98% of cars, dependent on the level of soot and the condition and age of the filter, saving you a lot of money over a new DPF unit. However if our DPF cleaning does not work, you will not be charged for the clean. Mail us now to find out more.

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