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Upgrade the Performance of Your BMW With a VIEZU Engine Remap

BMW’s are premium vehicles that are sought-after all over the world. They are everything that most people want in a car – an air of luxury and sophistication combined with impressive performance. The BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine” (their words, but we agree with the sentiment!) and BMW models are bestsellers globally. In 2019, the car company achieved the coveted position as the world’s leading premium car company, with 2,520,307 BMW vehicles sold that year.

Why should I upgrade my BMW with an engine remap?

If you have purchased a BMW, you are probably interested in the potential power of your vehicle. When the car leaves the factory after manufacturing, the settings are typically geared towards the average driver. But you’re not the average driver, and your vehicle is capable of far more than ‘average’ in terms of performance. The good news is that we can improve the vehicle’s power further, and you can achieve even higher levels of performance. Whether you want more power, reliability or endurance, Team VIEZU can help! Your BMW deserves the very best care and attention, and we can provide that.

By altering the code in the engine control unit (ECU), we can improve the power and performance of your car. We can boost power, torque, pulling power and dynamic acceleration to give you the best driving experience possible. Our specific BMW tuning software is designed in-house by our talented team who have many years of experience in the industry. They know what settings are best suited for your specific requirements, whatever they may be.

What can BMW Tuning and engine remapping improve specifically?

Power – We can increase the power of your BMW. This will allow you to accelerate the vehicle quicker. You will probably see an increase in the time it takes to get from 0 to 60, as well as the general top speeds the vehicle can do. Make the throttle response feel like a supercar without spending thousands of pounds!

Responsiveness – We can also improve the responsiveness of your BMW. While many of our clients come to us to improve the power of their vehicle, some also want to improve responsiveness. We can also alter the car’s ECU setting to allow for better fuel efficiency by reducing the number of gear changes required to overtake and perform other manoeuvres.
Why choose Team VIEZU for a BMW Tune and engine remap?

There are several reasons to choose Team VIEZU for your BMW engine remap. First and foremost, we are highly experienced with remapping BMW’s, and we offer bespoke packages that cater to your specific requirements. We can also remap almost all BMW models; the process is far less invasive than it used to be. We can tune the vehicle through the diagnostic port, meaning that there is no need to remove the ECU. What this means is that the process is quick and painless – it takes less than an hour to complete!

If you are interested in our BMW engine remapping service, please contact us by calling +44 (0)1789 774444, email us on, or fill in our contact form. A member of Team VIEZU will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements in more detail and explain the process.