The Benefits Of A Performance Exhaust System

The Benefits Of A Performance Exhaust System


With today’s massive production standards, most cars that exit the assembly line are underwhelming. To suit a large group of mass-produced vehicles, they employ low-cost, standardised components. They aren’t bothered with optimising the performance of each car, particularly in regards to horsepower and high torque.

“Many car owners choose to add aftermarket exhaust systems because of this. It’s one of the most effective methods for increasing torque, horsepower, and many other performance metrics. Furthermore, a customised exhaust system tailored to your car and engine helps increase performance much farther than a bolt-on stock.” connotes novated car lease specialist Hayes Thomas of Novalease.

Here’s a brief on what a performance exhaust system is and its many benefits for your car.

Performance Exhaust System
The Benefits Of A Performance Exhaust System

What Is A Performance Exhaust System?

Performance exhaust systems, to put it simply, upgrade all or part of your car’s stock exhaust system with newer and better-performing piping, silencers, and other components.

Like many of the things in life, your car’s stock exhaust was probably a tradeoff. Government requirements and expectations for how silent automobiles should be are becoming more stringent, so it was likely built to prioritise silence above performance and pleasure.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the advantages of installing a high-performance exhaust system in your car.

1. Enhanced Sound And Feel

Mounting a performance exhaust system will improve the sound and feel of your emissions. It’s the one: powerful, rumbling, deep, and really cool. The sound and feel will depend significantly on the exhaust system you pick. Most factory exhaust systems sound and feel weaker and less powerful than a performance exhaust system. The rumbling sound and feel are achieved by utilising slightly bigger pipes than the standard variant.

2. A More Stylish Look

The exhaust system has to purge the engine of polluted air. The stock exhaust will do the job, but it won’t be beautiful while it does it. You can improve your car’s aesthetics by installing a performance exhaust system. It will sound and look like a racing car after installing an aftermarket exhaust system, regardless of the material used.

3. Superior Quality Material

Exhaust components made of mild steel are prevalent in automotive manufacture. It works well; however, it deteriorates with time. The longer you own the car, the more likely you have exhaust issues and performance concerns. Higher-grade customised exhausts frequently use aluminised steel or stainless steel for added longevity and durability.

4. Horsepower Booster

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of your exhaust is to expel unclean air out from the engine. Simply said, a performance exhaust system is more efficient at this task. Your engine’s ability to breathe better allows it to pull in more air with each cycle, boosting its power. Several car manufacturers are on the lookout for the best value in the components they put in their cars. This suggests that, although these components are functional, there is generally potential for enhancement.

Fuel economy tuning
Fuel economy tuning

5. Increased Fuel Efficiency

Performance exhaust systems keep the air within your vehicle’s engine at optimum levels. As a result of these appropriate levels, your engine will use less fuel to adjust for unclean air levels. In fact, after adding a high-performance exhaust system, many consumers report experiencing a 1-2 percent gain in fuel efficiency. And this can be further improved by adding fuel economy tuning and ecu remapping.

6. Better Bends = Improved Exhaust Flow

A “crush bend” is used to make the shape of the exhaust pipes in most factory-made exhaust systems and many aftermarket ones, as well. This reduces the pipe diameter at the bent parts, slowing the flow of exhaust gases through the pipes. “Mandrel bends” are used in a professional customised exhaust construction to provide the most uniform exhaust flow. This allows you to get the horsepower and torque enhancements you’re searching for without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Install a Performance Exhaust System Today!
Whether you want to increase the aesthetics or performance of your car, a high-performance exhaust system is a terrific addition. Viezu Performance Tuning’s professional crew has years of expertise and will assist you in getting as much out of your car. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more.