Exhaust Systems

High Performance and High Tech Exhaust Systems

High Tech Exhaust Systems

Viezu can supply and fit the latest technology in performance exhaust systems available on the market right now.

Armytrix Performance Exhaust System  Armytrix Exhaust Systems


Whatever the budget, we can fit all types of high-tech exhaust systems that are appropriate for your budgets and requirements.

Why should you be interested in the latest tech on the market? To enjoy a better sound from your engine. With a bit more bhp and a VIEZU engine remap, you can really enhance the performance of your vehicle.

High Quality Armytrix Performance Exhaust Systems


You may have heard of Valvetronic systems, this essentially stands for valve-controlled exhaust technology. These valvetronic exhaust systems are offered by the top-end performance exhaust manufactures and are usually operated by a remote-control module or OBD gesture controller and come in three modes: on, off, and auto. In on mode, the valves are fully open for maximum airflow, allowing for better performance and increased sound volume with an astonishing and clean tone. When pressing the off button, the valves close completely, which significantly reduces the sound volume for a comfortable drive.


Essentially you can enjoy a vehicle where, at the touch of a button, you can flick between resonated and non-resonated to suit your driving needs.

RESONATED – a resonator refers to box chambers that are incorporated into the exhaust system; this essentially makes the exhaust quieter.

NON-RESONATED – a non-resonated exhaust system will be louder than its counterpart since it will not have the noise reduction qualities that characterise the resonator.

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