Becoming a Master Tuner and Remapper: The stages of learning to tune cars

Becoming a Master Car Tuner and Remapper:

The stages of learning how to write ECU software is pretty much the same for everyone.  The Viezu Technical Academy has trained many master remappers. Once the master remapper or file writer conquers the software of choice, they are now ready to explore other options – at Viezu we work closely with Dimsport Genius: RACE, Alientech: ECM Titanium and others. Now we are being asked to provide the next stage of training and development with EVC WinOLS.

EVC WinOLS training

For Tuners wishing to achieve more for their customers and want to enter this level of Master Remap File writing – Viezu is now offering EVC WinOLS training courses.

Viezu’ EVC WinOLS training courses is run by an Approved ECV WinOlS trainer and is now available in the UK from March 2016.

You can be a complete beginner to attend the EVC WinOLS training course for both diesel and gasoline vehicles. It is, however, always better for those that do have some map writing experience.

The trainer is exceptionally experienced in training people at all levels. You don’t need to have the EVC WinOLS software to start with as a demonstration version is available for training purposes only.

If you have the software, please note we will only train if a genuine software license is held for it.

The Viezu Technical Academy has a fully rounded support mechanism to help you learn new skills and an ongoing support team is here to guide you through your own projects after the course is complete.

Viezu offers master file writing courses throughout the year for both Diesel and Gasoline vehicles. We also provide training on a variety of different software. WinOLS is the latest training course to be added to the stable and is completely different and very useful to have as part of your “tuning know-how kit”

If you want to discuss with the experts which journey is right for you, contact Viezu on +44(0)1789 774444 or email visit



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