Autotuner Tuning Tools – Car Tuning Tools and Software Explained

What is Autotuner?

New tuning tools with great coverage, particularly for Anti-tune BMW E-series vehicles – Autotuner has this covered and much much more

Autotuner Tool

Autotuner is the new car tuning tool on the block, and its promising to be an interesting additional tool to any tuners arsenal, quick read/write processes, bench-tuner and full of helpful advice within the software.

Here at Viezu Technologies we commonly asked to test new tools to see if they are up to our high standards, and, we’ve got to say, we are liking what we see with the Autotuner tool. One massive plus for this tool is that -There is no yearly license on this tool at this time.

You can learn more about the Autotuner tool, as well as online training courses here : Autotuner Training 

Anti-tune BMW E-series vehicles – Autotuner has this covered

Autotuner is the first and only tool currently providing full OBD tuning solutions for the anti-tune BMW E-series vehicles; this includes:

  • Bosch EDC17C06
  • Bosch EDC17C41
  • Bosch EDC17C50
  • Bosch EDC17CP02
  • Bosch EDC17CP09
  • Bosch EDC17CP45

Autotuner for PCR2.1, Ford/Land Rover SID208 OBD solution and more…

The Autotuner developers are quick off the starting line too, the PCR2.1 solution came out early by comparison and we can expect this trend to continue as the EDC17 E Series solution is fully active now.

Now, having rigorously tested the solution, these amazing updates are supported with a very clean, slick and efficient software interface. Easy access, with OBD locations listed within the software together with helpful advice to keep ignitions on etc. All this contained within the standard software itself, avoiding the need to download additional technical support/help sheets – key information needed is contained within the program and to hand.

Anti-tune BMW E-series vehicles – Autotuner has this covered

Autotuner delivers full OBD tuning solutions for the anti-tune BMW E-series vehicles; this includes:

  • Bosch EDC17C06
  • Bosch EDC17C41
  • Bosch EDC17C50
  • Bosch EDC17CP02
  • Bosch EDC17CP09
  • Bosch EDC17CP45

Speed ahead with Autotuner: During testing we observed an extremely quick read/write process

Something that you can never have enough of is time and reducing your reading and writing times is great news when you have the need for speed. For Example:
Bosch EDC17C41 is three times faster than competitor tools.
Delphi DCM6.1 is two times faster than competitor tools.

Autotuner offers more than OBD Connection

The Autotuner tool offers more than just an OBD tuning system. It is in fact a multi-functional tuning tool with Bootloader and BDM built in at no extra cost.

Getting stuck with SIMOS 10 / 12 & 18 ECUs? No original available?

Did you know that Autotuner bootloader enables you to read and write SIMOS 10 / 12 and 18 ECU’s. So if your existing tools have no matching original, Autotuner will allow you to continue – you can now bench-tune the vehicle and have another satisfied customer!  this includes:

  • Simos 10.11 : VAG 1.2 TSI
  • Simos 10.20 : VAG 1.2 TSI
  • Simos 10.22A : VAG 1.2 TSI
  • Simos 12.1 : VAG 1.8/2.0 TSI
  • Simos 12.2 : VAG 1.8/2.0 TSI
  • Simos 18.1 : VAG 2.0 TSI
  • Simos 18.2 : VAG 1.8/2.0 TSI
  • Simos 18.3 : VAG 1.8 TSI
  • Simos 18.6 : VAG 2.0 TSI

Key features and benefits

The Autotuner is an OBD and bench-tuning tool all rolled into one.  This can reduce your upfront costs and can save you purchasing two separate tools, your desired application dependant of course. With easy to use software and super quick read and write times, so less times waiting around!
Viezu is proud to now be offering Autotuner in Master and Slave format, with an extensive vehicle list the Autotuner is a very promising tool for car performance tuning.
If that’s not enough of a reason here are more:
• Future updates are free, no annual subscription payments required at this time
• BMW F Series – Fully OBD (No special cable required)
• VAG Siemens PCR2.1 – Fully OBD (No unlock required)
• There is no yearly licence on this tool at this time
But’s that not all here at Viezu Technologies we are now offering 0% finance – Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.
You can see the Salve Autotuner tool is our shop here : SLAVE AUTO TUNER
And the Master Autotuner here : MASTER AUTOTUNER
So, if your new to tuning or just after another tool expand what you offer, then Autotuner is the perfect tool for you.
email: or call us on +44 (0)1789 774444 to receive a copy of the application list.
0% Finance available on all tuning tools and equipment subject to status, terms and conditions apply.