Audi RS6 Tuning – Audi 4.0 TFsi tuning and ecu remapping

Audi RS6 Tuning – Audi 4.0 TFsi tuning and ecu remapping

Audi RS6 Tuning, 4.0 TFsi tuning and ecu remapping at Viezu. If you are looking for serious additional performance from your Audi RS6 you have come to the right place. Viezu offer Audi RS6 Tuning and remapping that is fully custom and dyno developed and tested.  Lots of tuners of course offer Audi Rs6 tuning, but at Viezu we want to make sure you have simply the very best.

audi rs6 tuning

Our Audi RS6 Tuning is developed to deliver a really nice powerful 80bhp, but its not just about the headline figure of course, the tuning we conduct is smooth, with a much improved throttle response and midrange pull, just when you need it, but our Audi RS6 Tuning (like all our tuning) is designed to still feel factory quality, its not harsh or aggressive, just a more responsive impressive version of the original RS6

Our Audi RS6 Tuning is emission tested to, safe, responsive and emission tested so you’re not going to have surprises come MOT test time. Our  Audi RS6 Tuning is available on the dyno at Viezu HQ in Warwickshire and also available from our Uk and international network of car tuners and installers.

Audi Rs6 remap tune

We can also of course offer a range of Audi Rs6 performance parts, exhaust systems, air induction, and styling accessories to accompany your Audi RS6 Tuning. If you think we can be of assistance with your Audi tuning, or have any questions please feel free to drop us a mail at