Always use genuine Alientech Tuning tools

Always use genuine Alientech Tuning tools

5 Tips to ensure your vehicle is tuned with genuine Alientech tuning tools. Cowboy “have a go” engine remappers and tuners wreck vehicles and cost their owners thousands of pound by using fake cloned tuning tools.

Fake and cloned tuning tools and software are becoming more common in the Uk and other markets around the world. They look so attractive as they are very cheap, but in reality they cause very expensive issues for vehicle owners.

real alientech tuning tools

We would strongly recommend vehicle owners and drivers looking to have their vehicles tuned to ask these five simple questions before handing over their car keys.

We would also urge tuners and those offering remapping services to be careful too, believing you have found a bargain priced tuning tool is not always the answer to your needs, its not always easy to understand, especially for the new tuners, what the difference is and what is wrong with this brain prices tuning tool they have found.

With the price of a replacement vehicle ECU £1000 and up, its really not worth the risk to your reputation and the cost of repair.

Some rouge tuners understand the risks full well, but see a clone tuning tool as a quick win, and a way to make a fast buck.

While cloned tuning tools look almost identical to the real tools, inside there are significant difference. Below is an example of a cloned Alientech Kessv2 Tuning Tool compared to a genuine Alientech tuning tool.

Cloned tools run old and very out of date hacked software versions, this caused instability issues for the operating system, this can quickly result in the tool crashing (or ‘bricking’) the software locks up during the tuning process and at this point the car simply will not start and the ecu tuning program has become scrambled – in our tests, some clone tuning tools can fail as often as 1 in 10 tunes.

When things go wrong in tuning, sadly all too often the rogue tuners tend to vanish, the phone is turned off and the customer is left with a dead ecu and car, and in many cases a large repair bill. 

Here are some simple steps that can avoid hiring a rouge tuner

  • What tuning tool is being used and is it genuine? Ask for proof the tool is real, often this can be seen from the tuning tools software itself – if in doubt ask for proof of purchase or check with the tool manufacture.


  • Is the tuning tool in licence and supported by the manufacture – The software on the tuning tool has an expiry date, as the tuner to show you this – if its run out – be wary. It’s a good sign it’s a clone or at the very least does not have support from the tool manufacture any more.


  • It’s a good idea to ask to see the tuners insurance policy, you want to make sure that workmanship, but also importantly the tuning itself is covered. If there’s no tuning software insurance, don’t book!


  • If your tuner claims to have a warranty, ask for proof, don’t be fooled by a fake glossy booklet. Ask to see the details of the real warranty policy underwriter and again call them if in doubt.


  • Finally, would you let a dentist with no qualifications fix your teeth? Ask for the training certificates of whoever will be tuning your car, what qualifies them to do the job? What training have they had?

Responsible engine tuning and remapping is a fun and can also improve both performance and fuel economy

If you are looking for genuine tuning tools, take a look here in the Trade Alientech tuning tool shop : Alientech Tuning Tools 

For vehicle owners who would like to have advice on how to avoid rogue tuners and know more about the options for tuning their car contact us on 01789 77444 or visit