Real Alientech Tuning Tools vs Clone Tuning Tools

Real Alientech Tuning Tools vs Clone Tuning Tools

Real Alientech Tuning Tools vs Clone Tuning Tools. Clone tools are one of the biggest dangers to you as a tuner in the industry today. The full range of Alientech tuning tools have been cloned. And whilst some may see the idea of cheap flake Alientech tuning tools as a great way of cutting costs. What you don’t know is cloned tuning tools, fake tuning equipment. As well as knock of replica remapping tools are a ticking time bomb that will topple a cars ECU.

clone Alientech tuning tools

So whats wrong with a clone Kess tuning tool

If you are using fake and clone tuning tools it is not a case of if it will happen, but simply a case of when. When you spend so much time and energy on your market presence. On developing and updating your social media profile through Facebook / Twitter and Instagram. As well as on updating your website with new products and testimonials, on canvassing the local car shows and garages for work …

…. Why, oh why, would you risk all your hard work by using a fake tuning tool that risks having problems reading the vehicle. Or worse killing the ECU? And your reputation.

Clone tuning tools are very unstable. They are copied from old very out of date software versions of the genuine tool. And therefore offer such a limited range of vehicles compared to the genuine tools that there simply is no point in using them.

But worse that being out of date. When something goes wrong with your fake tuning tool. How are you going to fix it? There is no technical support for the tool. You cannot ask for help now from the manufacturers of a genuine. As it will be clear you have been using a cheap and cloned fake version of their product.

And with no connection to the internet. There is no way to recover an ecu if something does go wrong.

Alientech tuning tools

Tuning tools with support and free training

The fake knock-off tools are cheap imitations of the real thing. They do not comply with any safety or compliance legislation. As well as cause issues with your insurance should you have a catastrophic failure with the device.

How much is your business and reputation worth to you? How much do you value your customers?

There is no need to have all the stress, worry and anxiety that comes from fake copied remap tuning tools. Simply buy genuine tuning tools and you will instantly feel safe in the fact that a huge tuning tool manufacturer now supports you. A full team of technicians at the factory to help should you have an issue. Brand new vehicles being released and updated onto the tool ever few weeks.

The peace of mind this gives a tuner in today’s volatile world is worth its weight in gold.

You can see the full range of  Alientech tuning tools here : Alientech Shop  

All tools purchased come with set up, support and installation. Is it time to stop worrying about every tuning job you have. And instead start enjoying the growth of your business with confidence. And the success that genuine tuning tools provide

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