Alientech KessV2 Vs Alientech Kess3 what’s the difference?

Alientech KessV2 Vs Alientech Kess3 what’s the difference?

Alientech KessV2 Vs Alientech Kess3 what’s the difference? its a good question. If you have a KessV2, should you upgrade, and if so why ? The new Kess 3 is now available, boasting a lot of new features. But if you already have an Alientech Kess V2, what is the main difference and what is the advantage of upgrading to the new Kess3 tuning tool?

The Alientech Kess V2 has been seen as the go to tuning tool for the past 10 years or more. Offering great tuning coverage. The Kess V2 has also proven to be stable and very reliable. As part of the essential tuning kit for the past decade or more many tuners will struggle to part with it.

But with the launch of the all new Alientech Kess3 is it time to upgrade?

Alientech KessV2 Vs Alientech Kess3 what's the difference
Alientech KessV2 Vs Alientech Kess3 what’s the difference

The most obvious difference is the new kess3 offers both OBD tuning and boot / bench tuning direct to the ECU all from one tool. So, there is no longer the need to operate two tools. I.e. Kess V2 and T-tag. And as such there are no longer two separate subscription licences to get access to the latest vehicles for tuning and remapping.

But there is much more to this new tool. The new Kess3 runs on all new software. No longer using K-Suite. The new software is simply called Alientech Suite. It’s much faster to use, and much easier to navigate. Making the whole tuning process surprisingly quicker and easier.

Kess 3 Faster tuning and ECU Remapping

Due to the far superior processor at the heart of the Alientech Kess3 there is no more waiting around for checksums to calculate in the tuning. The new processing power of the Alientech Kess3 crunches the data much faster. In fact its proven to be 7 times faster than the Kess V2

No Need for so many cables

The new Kess3 has less unique car cables, capable to more tuning and programming with the standard OBDII car cable

Bespoke protocol configuration

Unlike the Kess V2 and K-Tag, there is now more choice in protocol and software activations with the Kess3. Motorbikes have now been separated from cars. So you are not having to purchase bikes if you don’t want them. And for Boot / Bench tuning you can now choose activation by vehicle type. I.e. Cars / Trucks, Marine etc. Unlike the K-Tag which was divided by ECU type. This now makes it much easier to understand, select and pay for just the vehicles you are interested in tuning.

Alientech kess3 cheap
Alientech kess3

Alientech Kess3 New Developments

For now, the Kess V2 is still supported, so access to Alientech for updates and technical support is still available. But within the next 12 months updates will stop. You will still be able to use the Kess V2, but there will be no more updates and ongoing support. For this reason, there are now no more subscriptions services available for Kess V2.  Therefore, you can’t add a new subscription to the Kess V2.

In better news, if you have an Alientech Kess V2 there are some great trade in offers available against the new Alientech Kess3. The trade in offer is only open for a limited time though. Quite simply, there is no better time to trade in your Kess V2 for the all new Alientech Kess3 tuning tool. With discounts of up to 95% against the protocols from the previous tool

If you are interested in learning more about the Alientech Kess3 please see this page where you will find details and training videos.

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