Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius Tuning Tools Which is Better?

Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius Tuning Tools which is better?

Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius tuning tools which is better? With the new Alientech Kess3 now available, many tuners using either the previous Alientech Kess V2 or the Dimsport Genius tuning tools are asking what the difference is, and should they upgrade to the new Kess3 tuning and remapping device.

alientech kess 3
Alientech Kess 3

Firstly, both Alientech and Dimsport have been in the industry for a long time, both companies are very experienced and produce a reliable stable tuning tool and support service

In some ways it was hard to split the Alientech KessV2 and the Dimsport Genius. Coverage and features were very similar, both only offering OBD tuning and ECU remapping. And requiring secondary tools and hardware to connect for bench tuning and boot tuning.

Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius Tuning Tools Which is better?

Dimsport Tuning Tools


The Dimsport Genius

Dimsport offers the Genius and the Trasdata tuning tools, powered by their program Race 2000. The Genius is an OBD tuning tool. In many ways it is similar to Alientech  Kess V2. The main difference being the Genius is handheld and has a touch screen. This does make it a nice tool to use without the need to take your lap top the car to tune it. However, a PC is still needed for reading the file from the Genius for either editing it or send on to a file provider. So the myth you don’t need a laptop when using a genius is incorrect.

The Dimsport Trasdata

The Trasdata tool is Dimsports bench tuning tool. (the Alientech equivalent was the K-TAG) This is the tuning device required when you need to remove the ECU for Boot mode tuning, or when performing service mode tuning direct to the ECU pins. The Trasdata is a good all-round tool with probe and adapters available to make connections as easy as possible.

Until now, there was not much in it between the combination of Alientechs Kess V2 and K-tag. And Dimsport’s Genius and Trasdata. Many tuners preferred the open file format of Alientech system leaving you free to use any editing software you wanted. Where as the Dimsport tools remained tied to their own Race2000 editing software. Limiting the tuners use and preference to software. The tie was eventually removed by Dimsport but only after many tuners had moved to other tools.

Alientech kess3 cheap
Alientech kess3


Alientech Kess 3

With the introduction of the new Alientech Kess3, all that has gone before it has changed. The scores and rules have been reset and it’s a whole new game.

To start with the Alientech Kess3 is both and OBD tuning tool, and a bench / boot tuning device in one. So there is no longer the need to buy two items of tuning hardware. And there is only one set of subscriptions to purchase.

The Alientech Kess3 is fast too, 7 times faster than the processing power of either the Kess V2 of the Dimsport Genius system. Reducing programming time, risk and making your tuning significantly more efficient.

The all new navigation software programme “Alientech Suite” is fast too. Clear, quick and very easy to look up and navigate to the vehicle you wish to tune.

Protocol packages are simplified too, there is no longer the need to buy packages because they are bundled together, motorbikes for example are no longer together with cars. So you can choose just the protocols you want.

Kess3 Tuning Protocols

Bench tuning protocols are also now separate and not in ECU groups. But now in vehicle groups making it much easier to select and purchase the protocols you want – not a whole package you may not need.

The Alientech Kess3 also has the largest application list of any tuning tool. Covering vehicles back as far as 1998 right up to date. And covering vehicles on a global scale, form USA, European, Asian and many other vehicle manufacturers. The truck and tractor tuning coverage is significantly superior to any other tuning tool offering too.

And the Alientech support and technical team is the largest in the industry. Which is incredibly useful when you need them.

All in all the new Alientech Kess3 is a game changer and looks set to take the tuning industry by storm.

Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius Tuning Tools Which is better?


Our verdict is the Dimsport is still a good tool. But the new Alientech Kess3 has taken the bar to a whole new level. The speed of the device and the combination of OBD and boot tuning in one device is simply game changing.

The Alientech tools also offer better all-round package for the novice and expert.  The technical support from Alientech is world class. And the open file format of the master tools. And free drivers in the ECM software, and just one subscription cost means it has significantly lower running cost too.

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