Why Should I Remap My Car?

Why Should I Remap My Car?

Why Should I Remap My Car? Optimising your car’s efficiency and performance is an excellent way of enhancing your driving experience and also saving money in the long run.

“While tuning an automobile for best performance may seem overwhelming and expensive to many casual drivers, you’ll be amazed to learn that tuning can be done in as fast as 30 minutes by remapping,” shared used car broker Burke Wilson of Great Rides.

Do you need help deciding whether to remap your car or not?

Fret not, for we’re here to help. We’ll go through what it means to remap your car and what happens if you do so to help you decide.

remap my car
remap my car

What Is Remapping?

Remapping, also known as ECU (engine control unit) tuning, is changing the parameters of a car’s ECU to enhance several aspects of your car’s performance. Your friendly car specialist can remap your vehicle to handle airflow, fuel injection, sensors, and more by overwriting the current settings with customised programming within legal limits.

Should You Remap Your Car?

Why not? Here’s what you’ll get when you remap your car.

1. Remapping Takes Around An Hour

We can remap your car in as short as one hour. Although some much older car models may still need chipping to remap, the entire procedure would more or less take around an hour.

2. Remapping Eliminates Flat Spots To Boost Power

Flat spots are removed during remapping, resulting in better power delivery. Without flat spots, you can boost your car’s power at higher RPMs resulting in a better drive and smoother driving experience.

3. Remapping Increases Your Vehicle’s Torque

Torque is a measure of an engine’s capacity to do work, and more torque equals faster acceleration. Your car’s torque should rise by 20-30% after a remap and roughly 5% on normally aspirated cars. More torque translates to faster speed and reduced in-gear durations, both of which are critical for safe and easy overtaking.

remap my car
Remap my car

4. Remapping Improves Fuel Efficiency

Under typical driving conditions, you won’t need to use as much throttle to speed up since greater torque is generated at all revolutions per minute (rpm). This leads to higher fuel efficiency, and as a consequence of our remapping service, our fleet clients have seen considerable fuel savings.

5. Remapping Rekindle Your Passion For Your Car

Nothing is more frustrating than driving a sluggish car. It’s not just annoying, but it may also be dangerous. Remapping may extract 20-30% additional torque and power from your engine, which is a significant increase that you’ll notice right away when you press your foot on the pedal.

6. Remapping Is Cost-Effective

Remapping gives HUGE performance improvements compared to independent exhaust, turbo, and air intake enhancements. Installing a new performance exhaust, turbo, and air intake. You’d be fortunate to get an additional 35bhp out of a 2015 Golf GTI for over £ 2 000. In contrast, a remap would give you a baseline 50bhp and 50 lb/ft performance boost for over 60% less. All while using your vehicle’s original components.


Remap Or Not To Remap?—Go For A Remap At Viezu

It is not recommended that you remap your own car if you are not a professional in the field. Hiring a reliable service provider to do the remapping is an excellent method to minimise the chances of something going wrong.

Viezu Performance Tuning includes a guarantee on the replaced software, providing you peace of mind if any problems arise in the future. On top of that, you’ll receive award-winning remapping solutions and unparalleled client satisfaction guaranteed services.

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Give us a try and never settle for a mediocre driving experience when you can have the best.