Alientech ECM and Alientech Kess Car Tuning Training

Alientech ECM and Alientech Kess V2 Car Tuning Training

Alientech Kess Car Tuning Training

The Viezu training academy has now developed new training and support packages for car tuning dealers who use the Alientech ECM and Alientech Kess Car tuning software.  The Viezu Academy now offer vehicle tuning courses and ECU remapping classes based on the Alientech tuning software.

Alien Tech ECM and Alien Tech Kess Car tuning software and Genius OBD tuning tools are probably the most popular on the market today. The Viezu training academy offer specialist car tuning training, tuning tools and equipment for tuning most vehicles.  Alientech Kess V2 is just one example of an OBD Tuning tool.

ECU remapping courses and chip tuning classes are available to understand how to tune a vehicle’s original ECU and the tuning that can be performed.  ECU remapping and tuning as well and in-depth custom tuning is covered by the training courses offered by the Viezu Academy. Very importantly in addition to the Alien Tech Kess and Alientech ECM Titanium, all of the various other tuning methods, tools  and tuning equipment can be covered in the training provided, including old school chip tuning, BDM tuning and the latest tricore tuning methods

If you are interested in vehicle tuning training, or any aspects of ECU remapping training, tools, equipment, or technical support please get in touch or visit us at For professional, insured and guaranteed tuning files, for all vehicles as well technical support, contact us by email

You can also see the full range of Alientech tuning tools, software and accessories here in the Alientect tuning shop


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