2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 D – Fuel Economy Tuning

2011 Jaguar XF 2.2 D – Blue Optimize Tuning


With the ever-increasing demand for Blue Optimize fuel economy tuning to save fuel and improve MPG, Viezu Technologies are continuously researching and developing new vehicle applications for our world-renowned Blue Optimize remaps. We took a standard Jaguar XF 2.2 (2011) model and tuned the ECU to obtain the best possible from the OEM map.

Jaguar XF tuning

This was done through a combination of rigorous real-world testing and dynamometer controlled running of the vehicle to perfect the Blue Optimize remap. When tuning one of these vehicles it is imperative to understand what the car was like for the customer to drive before any work was carried out. A deep knowledge base of vehicle characteristics and OEM designed drive for the vehicle is vitally important.

A Jaguar 2.2 is meant to gently usher the driver from A to B with refinement and the constant wave of torque subtle floating the car down the road. It is NOT designed to be an aggressive, surging leviathan that has to be wrestled down the road.

Jaguar XF tuning

With this in mind, the Blue Optimize fuel economy remap has been purposefully hand-tailored to fit the needs and requirements of the driver for better fuel economy, whilst fully retaining the characteristics of the Jaguar marque that enticed the customer into purchasing the car in the first place. Viezu Technologies have achieved up to a 15% fuel economy improvement in real-world driving through the utilisation of the diesel torque, moving the peak torque lower in the RPM band to make more use of it under lower RPM.

This is the epitome of the Blue Optimize name, greater fuel efficiency, through the optimization of the factory OEM components and software. You can see more of our fuel economy tuning here: Jaguar Diesel Tuning


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