Jaguar XF Tuning and Remapping 2012 to Present

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Jaguar XF Tuning and Remapping 2012 to Present Date

Viezu Jaguar XF Tuning and Remapping Services for Vehicle Model Years 2009 – Present day.

Jaguar XF tuning is a VIEZU specialist subject. VIEZU have a huge amount of knowledge and experience with tuning Jaguar XF vehicles.   Keen Jaguar enthusiasts ourselves. VIEZU has developed a number of ECU tuning solutions to enhance the performance of these engines. VIEZU services include engine tuning, ECU remapping, conversions and even restoration.

What makes VIEZU Jaguar XF Tuning and Remapping different ?

VIEZU tuning is bespoke and custom. Tuning is available for the full range of modern Jaguar cars. And this of course incudes the XF and XFR. Covering both the petrol and diesel engines. Normally aspirated, turbo charged and supercharged engines. As well as tuning both the Jaguar XF 4.2 and the later 5.0 litre engines.

Because of the very custom nature of the tuning software developed and written in house. VIEZU are able to adjust the tuning software to take account of any  specific requirements you may have. As such, unlike most other tuning provider in the market VIEZU don’t just supply any tuning file. But the one that is right and adjusted for your car. In addition, using a rolling road, the VIEZU  team can check the true performance of your cars engine. As well as the performance of any modifications and upgrades you may have.  The use of the rolling road is vital so the team can see how your engine is currently performing and so adjusting the tuning software to ensure MAXIMUM gains and improvements are achieved.

Tuning will be adjust for any upgrades, and modifications you have. For example, supercharger pulley upgrades, air induction, intercoolers and exhaust systems. As well as, catalytic convertors. Other functions can be added or removed too. Such as speed limiters, rev limiters, exhaust burbles, EGR, delete and DTC deletion.

VIEZU also supply a variety of performance enhancing services for these vehicles – simply contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.

Worldwide mail order and international tax free sales available. Contact us to discuss your unique Jaguar XF tuning needs, you will find us informative and helpful.