V-Switch - Giving you the Power to Choose


DIY Home Tuning Device Powered by Viezu

The Viezu V-Switch

A standalone hand held tuning programmer that is truly simple to use, designed so you, the customer, can tune your vehicle yourself, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Easy to use and simple to operate, you can now tune your own vehicle in the comfort of your own home. The V-Switch tuning system is capable of reading and writing tuning software and settings for hundreds of vehicle types. Uniquely, and very importantly, the V-Switch will also store up to three different tuning files all dedicated to the same car – the original factory setting and two modified tuning files of your own specification and requirements.

Tune your car to your heart's content with the Viezu V-Switch and change the power, performance and setting of your drive in just minutes whenever and wherever you want.


Select your tune

There is a selection of different tune levels and remapping available for each car. Choose and switch between up to three different vehicle settings:

  • Factory original software
  • Maximum fuel economy tune
  • Power / Economy blend tuning - giving the best of both
  • Maximum performance
  • Fast road tune
  • Motorsport track and race-day tuning level
  • Valet mode or restricted power (custom low power, ideal when you're not behind the wheel)


 Viezu V-Switch: The Good Stuff

  • Very simple tuning at home
  • The original factory programme can be reinstalled before servicing and inspection
  • You can change the tuning of your car as often as you like
  • Fault codes can be read and deleted
  • Can be transferred from car-to-car, so you can tune your next car
  • Available on mail order to distant and international customers


"After much researching of tuning companies, I decided to opt for Viezu and their V-Switch tuning unit. Initially, I didn't know which product would be suitable for me, but the staff answered all my questions, which helped to make it an easy choice. The product is a nice bit of kit with simple instructions. In short, you connect the unit to your car and download its original map to the unit, and then from the unit you upload the file to a PC and send it to Viezu. They then send back two remap files of your choice which you download to the unit, and then reconnect the unit to the car to re-programme the ECU.

Once the ECU is reprogrammed, the device is removed from the car. I opted for the Power and the Eco/Power blend maps. I then programmed my ECU with the Power map which I have had in my car for two days now and what a transformation! The car was good before but it is absolutely amazing now. It has sharp response and just keeps on pulling – a total pleasure to drive. Unbelievably, even in the short space of time since remapping, my MPG is creeping up as well. I would thoroughly recommend Viezu and its products to anyone. My experience was hassle free from start to finish." Mr A., Gloucester.

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