Remapping my Motorhome – Absolutely Astonishing! The Difference was very noticeable.

You remapped my motorhome and the first time I used it was also the first time I towed the Smart car so it was difficult to compare before/after although initial impressions were good.

I have just driven the Motorhome solo down to Eastbourne and back. So mixed roads, stopping starting etc. Not a gentle motorway cruise. The difference was very noticeable. Pulling much more strongly and holding higher gears much more comfortably on inclines which you may recall was my main objective.

As you suggested, the on board computer has sorted itself out after a bit of a wobble following the disconnect. All functions now working fine. One thing that I hadn’t expected was while checking the now fully working computer I discovered that on this mixed trip the van has done 34 mpg. Absolutely astonishing! A big coachbuilt motorhome fairly well loaded getting that figure is terrific.

Just proves I guess how much less hard the engine is working. Sorry the job was a bit of a nightmare with the ECU having (unexpectedly) to come off but I’m really happy with the result.

VIEZU For your Motorhome Performance!

NOTE: This remap is also available on V-SWITCH DRIVE as a DRIVE SETTING