Exotic Elite Car Tuning

Welcome to Viezu’s ‘Exotic Elite’ car tuning service, which is the world’s leading luxury vehicle and supercar tuning service. Viezu has been providing ECU remapping and tuning services to the most passionate and enthusiastic supercar drivers for years.

The Viezu Exotic Elite club is a VIP concierge tuning service, offering international specialist advice and tuning, parts and tuning solutions the world over. Vehicle, location, distance and engine tuning preferences are all accounted for with the Viezu Exotic Elite service.

Offering a choice of more than 650 tuning centres across the globe, with many operating seven days a week, Viezu is the only multinational and multilingual car tuning solution.

The Viezu Service

The Viezu Exotic Elite remap and tuning team aims to offer the very best in personal car tuning and performance tuning services, be it a Ferrari in Australia, a Lamborghini in China, or a fleet of Range Rovers based in the USA – we have a tuning service to match your expectations and needs.

Through the Viezu worldwide network of tuning professionals, dealerships and our dedicated team of 18 Viezu Head office staff, we offer:

  • Mobile ECU remapping
  • Chip tuning
  • Tuning software solutions
  • Engine conversions and modifications
  • Custom rolling road
  • Dyno tuning
  • Road ECU tuning

We can also arrange car shipping and transportation to us so that full vehicle make-overs and tuning can be carried out by our head office team.

Aston Martin Vanquish Carbon Black – The first to be tuned in the UK @ Viezu UK

Our Values At Viezu

The team at Viezu are completely service-orientated, custom, dynamic, and totally professional. We work with our dealers and agents as a global team, sharing our passion and tuning expertise to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Our Mission At Viezu

Our mission is to ensure we go above and beyond expectations. We always aim to deliver unrivalled and very personalized service, regardless of where you are based. The whole Viezu team is committed to the notion that quality really matters. We bring you only the very best in performance supercar tuning and ECU remapping anywhere.

Our Service Promise

Viezu will custom-tailor parts, products and ECU tuning to your specific needs, ensuring our service is as convenient as possible, wherever you’re based.

Vehicle Tuning

Viezu offers car performance upgrades for almost all exotic, prestige, and supercars – over 5000 vehicles can be tuned and remapped. Our specialist tuning subjects include:

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