Personal Tuning Devices

mygenius and alientech tuning devices

Personal Tuning Devices

Want to take control of your vehicle’s engine remap? Then a home tuning device may be the thing you need, and there are massive improvements in this technology and the process is a lot easier than you think!

If you are considering a remap, and would rather upgrade your car from the comfort of your own home, and want total flexibility to change your tune at the drop of a hat, then one of VIEZUs home tuning devices could be the best option for you.  These devices can hold more than one drive setting as well so you can select the best remap for the journey you are about to take.  You can switch between maps in less than 15 minutes.

VIEZU Technologies have tried and tested three of the best personal tuning devices on the market today.

The same professionally written engine remap data files applied through different delivery methods:

Learn more about Alientech Powergate, Dimsport My Genius Tuning Devices and the JB4 under the bonnet app controlled tuning device.

When it comes to the Powergate and the My Genius, the tuning files are still created by the highly experienced in-house technical team at VIEZU, and come with all the benefits you would associate with a VIEZU remap purchased through an approved dealer, or VIEZU HQ. Tried and tested tuning backed up with a robust guarantee. The only difference, is the installation method. If you opt for one of these hand picked home tuning devices you simply choose which Drive Settings you would like.

Each device can hold more than one tune, engine remap or Drive Setting, VIEZU offers eight different Drive Settings which you can select from.  These files are custom written to your requirements too.

VIEZU provides full instructions for Alientech Powergate. VIEZU provides full instructions for Dimsport My Genius. VIEZU provides full instructions for the JB4 Tuning System, including how to set up and use the app.

VIEZU has created a full set of instructions and videos for Powergate, MyGenius and JB4 and our friendly Support Team are always on hand if you have questions.

Discover total flexibility with VIEZU Personal Tuning Devices

The biggest advantage of choosing a VIEZU home tuning device rather than committing yourself to a single remap file is massive flexibility. Each of the home tuning devices on offer from VIEZU have the ability to store multiple files, this means you can choose the setting that best fits your driving habits.

The JB4 system has some fantastic benefits, but comes with it’s own tuning profiles baked in. My Genius and Powergate allow you to take advantage of the VIEZU Drive Settings.

For instance, if you own one petrol powered car and it needs to pull multiple duties you may wish to opt for FUSIONME,  THRILLME and PARKME. FUSIONME provides you with a brilliant balanced tune that results in an engaging and powerful drive on the road, but also provides great fuel economy. Track day in the calendar? Time to select THRILLME for maximum performance and throttle response. Leaving the car at a nice hotel with valet parking? Protect your pride and joy by activating PARKME, the hotel staff will be limited to manoeuvring speeds only. The options are almost endless.

A wealth of choice and and many useful features

VIEZUs range of Personal Tuning devices are reliable, great value for money, and provide a wealth of features. From simple intuitive menu design, and plug and play results to the latest in Bluetooth connectivity and Android and iOS smartphone applications, we’ve got you covered.

Buy your tuning device from VIEZU, safe in the knowledge that the team have thoroughly tested each of these devices across a range of scenarios. Quite simply they would not be on our website, if the technical experts at VIEZU were in anyway not satisfied with their range of features and performance.

That’s how things are done at VIEZU.

Which Personal Tuning device should I choose?

The choice of which device is right for you will be determined by a handful of factors. The biggest factor being which car or cars you wish to use the device with, as not all options are available for all vehicles. The number of tuning options you would like on your device will also play a factor here, some devices can hold more files than others. Budget will also be a factor, and this will also be impacted by your ambitions and the level of flexibility you are looking for.

The My Genius and Powergate are fully compatible with VIEZU Drive Settings, so offer huge flexibility. The JB4 is a superb device with many benefits, and this device contains it’s own baked in pre-sets.

The answer to this conundrum? Contact our team to discuss your goals, and the vehicle(s) you own, and they will be delighted to recommend the right personal tuning device for you.

Choose which of our 8 bespoke tunes you desire

Personal Tuning Devices

My Genius

My Genius is a hand-held, Home Tuning Device that is paired to your car and your car only.

This powerful device provides a gateway, allowing you to change your vehicle’s performance in just a matter of minutes! If you are looking for maximum flexibility, the My Genius is a fantastic choice. This device can store up to 10 files at the same time. You can control how many times your vehicle software is upgraded, and, you do this yourself! Amazing – you decide which DRIVE SETTING to select, and anytime you want…

Fully compatible with VIEZU DRIVE settings.


Mygenius tuning device

Alientech Powergate

One of the latest Home Tuning Devices to come to market, Powergate comes from one of the biggest names in the tuning world, Alientech. Powergate has been designed specifically to work with your smartphone. The device itself connects to your car via the OBD port. You then connect your phone via Bluetooth and the dedicated app. Simplicity itself. If you can operate a smartphone, you can now tune your car!

Fully compatible with VIEZU DRIVE settings.


Alientech POWERGATE tuning tool.

Burger Motorsport JB4

The JB4 Home Tuning system comes from the world renowned Burger Motorsports.  This is a seriously advanced tuning system which connects to a multitude of sensors inside your cars engine bay. The results are seriously impressive, and our very own BMW M3 Gravity Wave Halo Car has a JB4 residing under it’s carbon fibre bonnet. The device itself can be controlled quickly and easily from your smartphone when combined with the optional Bluetooth module.



Wow is an understatement this time…..the EXCITEME tune on my 2015 BMW X5M is INCREDIBLE! It is a fast car to start with…..0-60 in about 3.8 seconds. Not bad for a 5,200 lb. SUV. But this tune has changed the personality of the car. The exhaust note is deeper, more of a growl and then when you put your foot to the floor it just screams and flies! Pulls like a train. In addition to an amazing tune, the customer service, turn-around time, support and communication is exemplary. I am totally impressed.


Expert Switcher!

5 Stars
Jaguar F-Type Exhaust Upgrade and Performance Tuning WEB
Simon invested in a Home Tuning Device for his Jaguar F-Type V8 AWD. Simon’s chosen device contained 2 of 5 possible settings (excluding the original CLASSICME) to effortlessly switch between – EXCITME, PARKME and CLASSICME DRIVE SETTINGS. Simon now has the best of all the power, and the peace of mind his car is safe in the hands of others.

Simon emailed us to say of EXCITEME!

“WOW!!! Just WOW!!! It even spins the back wheels on take-off…and it is an AWD. Incredible. So many thanks for walking me through this…..Really impressed…going to tell everyone!!”

5 Stars

Experience a new level of driving experience

The Burger Motorsport JB4 is a powerful Home Tuning Device, and a lot more advanced than a “tuning box”. Capable of changing multiple parameters, and extracting serious power and torque gains. Take a look at the video to find out more.

Discover Alientech Powergate

This handheld marvel empowers users to reprogram the ECU of their vehicle, allowing for the customization of key engine management parameters including fuel injection timing, turbo boost pressure, ignition timing, and more. Watch the video to learn more.


What are drive settings?

A drive setting is a tune for your car, each DRIVE SETTING offering you a huge range of new characteristics for your car, from improved fuel economy, or valet parking settings, to remarkable smoothness during acceleration and gear change, or performance improvements for track days.  Or even modes to take improve your car’s drivability, no more jerky thrusting stop/starting as you edge through traffic and combined with a more responsive accelerator pedal, improving traction and overall drivability.

Which drive settings to select from?

This are very powerful devices, and they provide a gateway through which you can change your vehicle’s performance in just minutes, anywhere! Depending on your chosen device, you can have up to 8 DRIVE settings available to you. If you need advice on which options are best, please contact our friendly team.

How long does it take to change drive settings?

It takes approximately 15 minutes to change between DRIVE SETTINGS.

Are there are many more settings available?

Viezu Technologies Ltd is the ultimate automotive tuning specialist and bespoke tuning services are available for the hardcore motoring enthusiast who may have more aggressive mechanical modifications; Viezu can assist with upgrading software to match performance.

Can I use DRIVE settings on a JB4?

The Burger Motorsport JB4 comes preloaded with custom presets for up to 8 different maps which can be selected depending on the vehicles modification levels and fuel grade. This device is not compatible with Viezu DRIVE settings.


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    mygenius and alientech tuning devices

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