IPE McLaren 650S Exhaust system

IPE McLaren 650s Exhaust System

McLaren 650S is true British engineering at its finest. Each element of the IPE McLaren 650s Exhaust is designed so that it offers unbeatable sound quality, with everything you could possibly want: comfort in the interior and fascinating sounds at any speed.

McLaren’s exhaust system for the 650S is an engineering masterpiece. The increased performance can be felt most prominently at medium speeds when the engine is running most frequently.  The deep, full-bodied sound at low speeds is drastically transformed into a fascinating race sound as the engine speed increases.

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IPE McLaren 650S Exhaust system

IPE McLaren 650S Exhaust

IPE 650S Exhaust pipe

Full System – IPE vs Original Full System Front Pipe Rear Section and Tips

McLaren 650s

blue flame coloured exhaust tips McLaren 650s

McLaren 650s exhaust on dyno

Engine Cover Open Tips – Titanium Blue Tips – Titanium Blue Close Up – On Dyno



Coupe/ Spider

2x — mm

IPE Exhaust system incl. Cat-Pipes with CatBypass, Remote Control Module & Tips

T304 Stainless Steel


2x — mm

Valvetronic Muffler incl. Tips

T304 Stainless Steel


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