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Vehicle Manufactures Finally Embrace ECU Remapping, but at what price?

Date Added: 11/03/2011

fuel economy ecu remapping and car tuning


ECU Remapping and car tuning for better fuel economy Turn on your radio or TV and it will not be long before you are offered an ecu remap, but it’s likely to be ecu remapping in disguise. It’s true, nearly all vehicle manufactures are now offering ecu remapping and car tuning for improved fuel economy, better MPG and even carbon reduction.

These services have nice product names like blue motion, blue efficiency, blue injection, and kinetically tuned, etc, but by any other name this is a remap of the vehicles ecu to make it run differently, in most cases to give the vehicle better MPG and better fuel economy. How is this different from a Viezu economy tune and remap, or V-box fuel economy diesel tuning box, simple you don’t need to buy a new vehicle with Viezu!

Whilst manufactures have finally switched to offer the motorist a choice and better fuel economy, all only offer these advances and new technology on brand new vehicles though. However, the principle is the same, tuning of the engine to give improved efficiency and better MPG.     

With worldwide fuel prices at all time highs, and seemingly going up by the day  more and more companies and private motorists are having their vehicles tuned for fuel economy and fuel efficiency than ever before, everyone wants to save fuel and money where they can and they don’t want to have a to buy a new vehicle to see the gains Fuel saving tuning and economy saving improvements made to a vehicles ECU can see savings of between 10 – 15%.

All Viezu tuning comes with money back promise and insurance so motorists can try and buy with confidence. Fuel economy tuning is for the life of the vehicle and so its a one off payment that can pay the driver back many times over  

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