Motorhome Tuning

Motorhome Tuning is a very important upgrade to these fantastic vehicles.

From Auto-Trail through to Hymer and Trigano, with everything in between and around, Viezu Technologies Motorhome Tuning is available to improve your vehicle today.

Motorhome Tuning and RemappingDesigned to take all the creature comforts of home with you on the road. They allow you travel the world safe and secure and warm in your own familiar surroundings.

However, with all the upgrades that are required to take your home on the road, these vehicles tend to put on a few pounds. With all the additional extras and the additional strengthening to keep it all well bolted together, they end up feeling very underpowered. When this is combined with many of these vehicles having bodywork modifications to accommodate everything that’s been squeezed inside. This creates increased drag on the vehicle, combined with the heavier weight and lack of power owners will often see a very poor return on fuel economy.

Motorhome fuel efficiency proven

This is where the Viezu Technologies engine remap comes in. Tuning a Motorhomes engine to improve the torque delivery and power output will improve the driveability and fuel economy. By optimising the engines torque in the areas of the RPM band where its most used, the strain on the engine and constant need of high rpm and low gears is removed. This more efficient use of the torque band, opens the economy potential of the vehicle and helps to restore some of that lost fuel efficiency from all the motorhome transformation work that has been carried out.

With an increase in the power output of the vehicle the excess weight can be almost completely countered, making your Motorhome much easier to drive. This new more dynamic power band allows for a more relaxed approach to driving, without so much worrying about the next uphill gradient you may come across.

The combination of an improved torque and horsepower band mated with the vastly improved drivability will see a big improvement in driving enjoyment in your Motorhome. Driving these vehicles on a weekend trip away or a round the world trip, should be a pleasure. The Viezu Motorhome tuning takes the worry out of driving and saves you some money on your fuel bills along the way to.

Whether it’s more torque and power you need or just more fuel efficiency, Viezu Technologies Motorhome Tuning applications can provide both. What’s more, they are fully customisable to your needs and requirements. That means we can tailor your engines driving characteristics to how you want to drive the vehicle.

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