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More than style

Date Added: 30/08/2018

More than style

Even though I’ve been in the motor industry for the past 30 years and have driven some pretty amazing cars, I’ve always liked to have a powerful car with a bit of stealth-styling and performance, a ‘Sleeper’ if you like, you can’t tell by looking at it that it’s a beast. Unlike some of my colleagues at Viezu, who, opt for bright blue vehicle wraps, with a touch of snake-skin…Oh yes! The Jaguar F-Type 670 bhp Predator is really out there and very blue with a very preannounced (to arrival) performance exhaust system (in other words you hear it coming long (said like lonnnnnng) before you see it! :)

Jaguar F-Type Predator 670bhp


Automotive performance and styling preferences really depends on your personality - I’m a connoisseur of vehicular-comfort combined with big power; and therefore opt to drive larger vehicles with comfort as a key factor. 

Range Rover Engine Remap 

I’ve got to have a significantly souped-up Viezu remap too. However, recently when I pulled in to a fuel station to fill up, I heard a distant burble of a sports car and as I was pumping in the fuel, I could not help but turn my head to see what car this very sexy burble was coming from… it was a run-of-the-mill Audi Estate but wasn’t.  It was wrapped in matt black, lowered with diamond cut black alloys and black-out tinted windows. Frankly, it looked and sounded (expletive beginning with F) amazing.

significantly souped-up Viezu remap

Range Rover SVR engine remap


As I finished fuelling up I noticed silence had actually descended on the fuel station forecourt – everyone was checking out this car, this Audi….  I’m converted, no more stealth-styling for me – bring on the burble and the menacing powerful appearance that can be achieved with the lowered suspension and performance upgrade…..I want a bit of that!

If you do too, here are some freebies to help you to the right-road to automotive bling…