Land Rover Defender Restoration – Sit Down – Enjoy the Ride

Sit Down – Enjoy the Ride

Tired of uncomfortable seats in your beloved Defender?

Check out these Brand-New Seats for the Land Rover Defender

Have the ultimate driving experience in comfort and style with new and upgraded Land Rover Defender Seats. Super comfortable with up-to-date technology too.

Land Rover Defender Upgrade Seats

What do Customers say?

“Hi Paul, Fantastic! more than I expected.  Thank you! You can use the pics I’ve included here. Do you like my Landy?”

A: Yes!!!

Bring Me Comfort

Take your driving comfort to another level with upgraded Land Rover Defender Seats. These seats are designed to be more than just comfortable. Land Rover Defender Restoration

They have support at the forefront of their design, with raised sides on the base and back to snugly hold your driving position.

Land Rover Defender Seats Customer PhotoThe New Land Rover Defender Seats Installed in Steve’s Car

These seats will support you in every driving activity, on, or off-road. With lumbar support and a rear pocket, these upgraded seats are truly comfortable, supportive, and practical.

There are alternative designs available including ultra-modern, and racing style seats.

Land Rover Defender Seats Alternatives AvailableAlternative designs, including racing style seats 

Bring Me Style

Available in multiple colours, stitching patterns, and materials, these Defender seats are elegant, clean, and possess the qualities of the Defender in fabric form.

Land Rover Defender Seats Bespoke Stitching PatternsThese Land Rover Defender Seats are available in multiple styles, stitching, materials, and colours.

Bring Me to Life

Steve described his set of upgraded Land Rover Defender seats as comfortable and supportive – everything his original seats were not!

These new Land Rover Defender seats were installed to Steve’s car, and he is more than delighted with them. Steve said: Fantastic! More than I expected, thank you! 

Land Rover Defender Upgraded Seats Customer Image of Defender

We are proud to have truly enhanced the comfort of Steve’s Land Rover Defender. To receive such positive feedback about his new Defender seats is amazing!