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Jaguar F-Type Tuning and Performance Parts, Tuning & Styling Online

Date Added: 12/04/2016

Jaguar F-Type Tuning and Performance Parts, Tuning & Styling Online 

Jaguar F-Type Tuning and Styling

Viezu Technologies would like to announce a new range of Jaguar F-TYPE performance parts and styling options available online in conjunction with its sister company, Paramount Performance.  New Jaguar F-TYPE performance parts available consist of valve control exhaust systems, limited edition ‘fighter jet’ exhaust tips, supercharger coolers and supercharger crank pulleys.  All products and performance parts are available online via the Paramount Performance shop, or they can be ordered and fitted at Viezu’s UK headquarters in Warwickshire.  Viezu is able to offer performance ECU remapping options for the Jaguar F-TYPE PREDATOR which will boost its performance to up to 650bhp.


An exciting new addition to the product range available on the Paramount Performance shop is the Jaguar F-TYPE exhaust system with valvetronic system integration.  This system not only looks great but sounds great and integrates into the valve system of your Jaguar F-TYPE.  Head-turning, eye-catching power and performance! To really complete the look, our limited edition ‘fighter jet’ exhaust tips are now available with the valvetronic exhaust system.

Jaguar F Type Tuning and Styling worldwide service  

Viezu is also excited to be able to offer a hand-built supercharger cooler, which decreases charger temperatures and increases air density in the intake system and combustion chamber.  This boosts performance and power delivery and really enhances any ECU remapping and engine tuning which has been carried out. 

Uniquely available from Viezu and Paramount Performance is a supercharger pulley crank.  The supercharger pulley crank is beautifully machined and balanced, will fit both the V8 and V6 engine, and will boost performance on its own by up to 38bhp.  The supercharger pulley crank is also available as part of the ultimate tuning package for your Jaguar F-TYPE – the Jaguar F-TYPE ‘Project Predator’ available from VIP Design London, the new brand from Viezu and Paramount Performance.  If you would like more information about VIP Design London and the Jaguar F-TYPE Project Predator please visit or call +44 (0)1789 774444.

"Tuning Company Viezu has pushed the Jaguar F-Type's power reserves to Aventador-bothering levels" Richard Bremner Autocar - Read full article

For more information about new performance parts and styling options available from Viezu and Paramount Performance please visit or, call +44 (0)1789 774444 or email