Ford ranger pickup getting some badass power upgrades

Yesterday we had this MASSIVE Weston beast come in for an all-out power upgrade!

ford ranger remap from viezu technologies 2016 modelFord ranger big badass pickup getting some badass power upgrades

This Ford Ranger 3.2 tdci 2017 model can make its way through anything like a brick wall and can make its way through almost any terrain may it be thick icy snow or deep sludgy mud. This bulky vehicle came into our Viezu workshop for an almighty Viezu Performance Remap. This upgrade will really beef this pickup up and make it go like a rocket once it hits the road.

The real reason as to why you should beef up your badass Ranger is that the vehicle is originally detuned. This is done so the vehicle is suitable for every market, working conditions and driver categories available. Because of this the true potential of this pickup is hidden away, waiting to be released. Once the vehicle goes through the Viezu performance remap new life and power will be found in its engine. With this specific Ford Ranger, torque levels were up to 600nm and also gained more power up to 42hp.

Ford ranger viezu tuning engine remap ecu location

Get your Ford Ranger’s performance as strong as it looks!

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