DTC Delete Removal, Fault Code and Engine P Code Delete


DTC Delete Services, Fault Code and Engine P code delete

Known for its ECU remapping and tuning services, VIEZU also offer DTC Delete Services, Fault Code and Engine P code delete, meaning VIEZU can remove and delete fault codes that other methods have failed to deactivate permanently from your engines ECU

What is an engine “fault code” and why may you want to delete it

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Engine Fault codes are also known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), or sometimes P-Codes, these codes are flagged up when the engine control unit identifies that there may be an issue or fault with the engine management system.

The reason for the fault code itself, is to help trace the issue to a specific area or sensor in the system, helping anyone working on the vehicles trace an issue.  

DTC and engine fault codes are made up of 1 initial letter followed by 4 numbers, combined this code is unique to a part or sensor within the engine management system and a possible cause of an issue.

Engine Function Removal and DTC Fault Code Delete

Some vehicles owners may want to remove specific functions and controls on their engines, this may be for motorsport, tuning, or modification, this may for example include functions and components such as emission control, power and performance controls, swirl flaps, start stop, etc. However, when these systems are removed the engine management system may flag a fault code, illuminating the “check engine light” being illuminated, and in some cases put the engine into “limp home” mode. VIEZU can disable this, and maintain normal running conditions.

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Ghost Engine Fault Codes

At some point in time most vehicles will develop and show a fault code, and depending on the code, this may well show a “check engine light” too. In most cases the issue will be quickly identified and repaired. However just occasionally these codes can become “Ghost Codes” which may initially clear, but then go on to come back for no apparent reasons. These ghost codes can be quite difficult and time consuming to try and resolve

If you have a DTC, Fault Code or Engine P code that you need permanently removing VIEZU can help. The software VIEZU operate, enables access to the coding within the ecu itself. VIEZU can trace the DTC fault code within the ecu and remove it permanently, leaving all other functions working correctly.

Fault Code Delete software and tools

VIEZU support retail customers with removing DTC and fault codes. If you are in the trade and regularly require to remove DTC and Fault Codes, VIEZU can supply OBD tools, DTC removal software and training to help you quickly and easily remove fault codes from vehicles permanently. Become a dealer