What’s the difference between Alientech Kess3 Slave and Kess3 Master

What’s the difference between Alientech Kess Slave3 and Kess3 Master  

What’s the difference between Alientech Kess3 Slave and Kess3 Master – it’s a common question. For those new to tuning. Or looking at tuning tools and software for the first time. The choice can be almost over whelming. There is so much to take in.

  1. Which is the best tool?
  2. Which vehicles will it tune?
  3. What’s the price?
  4. What are the ongoing costs?
  5. How do I tune cars that don’t seem to be listed?
Kess3 remapping

And of course, there are many more questions too. One of the most common questions we do hear is What’s the difference between Alientech Kess Slave and Kess Master tuning tool?

In many ways the Kess salve tuning tool, and the Kess master are identical. Both tools look the same. They both come with the same connectors and cables as standard. And both the Kess slave and the Kess master have exactly the same protocol options that can be added. Covering exactly the same cars.

So, the tuning application list, and vehicles and tuning options are the same.

So what is the difference between Alientech Kess Slave and Kess Master. Really it comes down to this:

Open Tuning Files

Kess 3 Master:

The one and only crucial difference the between Alientech Kess Slave and Kess Master tuning tool is the master reads open files. As such the software read from the vehicle with a master tool is not encrypted. And therefore, you can edit and change the software yourself. Or send to any other tuner anywhere and request that they make a new tuning file for you.

Kess 3 Slave:

Whereas the original software read from a vehicle with a slave tuning tool is not open. The software is locked and encrypted. The slave tuning tool operator cannot open or inspect the software read. As a slave operator, you can only send the file to your “master” and only they can de-code the file so that they can provide a new modified tuning file for you to load to the vehicle. Each salve tool can only have one master. And, only this master can supply the new software for the device.

Alientech Upgrade to Master

Can a Slave Alientech Kess3 tuning tool be upgraded to a master tool?

The answer is yes! Just because your tool was originally activated as a  slave tool, it does not mean it has to remain a slave. Salve tool can be upgraded to master by simply paying the difference in the retail price on the master activation protocols . I.e. the difference between the sale protocols RRP and the master protocol RRP.  However, the master of the tool must agree to the upgrade.  And not all master do agree to this type of upgrade.

Alientech Move a Slave Kess3

Can a Kess3 Slave tool be moved from one master to another?  

The answer again is Yes, if you are unhappy with your current file provider in theory you can move your Alientech Kess Slave to another file provider. But….. And it’s a big but! Only if your current file provider and master gives permission. Most sellers of the Alientech range of tuning tools will not give permission to move a tool if you ask. As such it is vital you explore this question with anyone you are considering purchasing a Kess tuning tool from.

Who is VIEZU

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Where to Purchase Alientech Kess tuning tools

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Alientech Kess 3

Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool

Alientech Kess 3 Remapping and tuning toolYou can see the Alientech Kess 3 tool hardware and protocols here in the VIEZU shop:  Alientech Kess 3 

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