BMW Mini Tuning : Mini Car – Max Power !

BMW Mini Tuning: Mini Car – Max Power! 

BMW Mini Tuning This week, Viezu has redeveloped its R56 mini tuning map, now delivering 204+ bhp, up from 160bhp. This map is now available from our highly trained worldwide dealer network of tuning providers, Mini Performance Parts & Mini Tuning Services.

Mini ECU Remapping

Viezu and its network of tuning dealers have an unbeatable range of Mini engine power conversions for the full range of BMW Mini vehicles. Mini performance tuning, including ECU remapping, Mini ECU chipping, flash tuning and Mini engine tuning, can all be carried out at a network of tuning dealers.

Models covered include:

– BMW Mini Diesel engine tuning and ECU remapping
– BMW Mini One engine tuning and ECU remapping
– BMW Mini Cooper engine tuning and ECU remapping
– BMW Mini Turbo tuning and chip tuning Dealers capable of Mini performance tuning work can be found at:

Mini Performance exhaust system

Viezu dealers also stock a stunning range of Mini performance exhaust systems. Viezu dealers supply performance exhausts from some of the leading Mini tuning companies, including Milltek’s excellent Mini exhaust systems. The Milltek Mini performance exhaust system is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel; these Mini performance exhaust systems both look and sound amazing.

Models covered include: – BMW Mini One (Mk1) Performance exhaust systems. – BMW Mini Cooper Performance exhaust systems – BMW Mini Cooper S performance exhaust systems – BMW Mini Cooper S Turbo (R56) performance exhaust systems. Also available from Viezu dealers are the range of Mini performance catalytic converters and “Racing cats” these “Performance Cats” can deliver up to an additional 18bhp and add a further deeper exhaust tone Viezu have now moved offices; you can find our full range of car tuning and remapping at or contact us here