BMW 335i Turbo Tuning and ECU Remapping with Viezu

BMW 335i Turbo Tuning and ECU Remapping with Viezu

For those who follow the blog regularly, you will know that BMW 335i Turbo tuning is one of our favourite pass times. We just love having them in on the dyno to tuning. We offer BMW 335i tuning at all our dealers around the world. We have already studied the BMW 335i tuning in great detail and know the tuning maps and tuning software very well indeed Viezu Tuning can give very significant additional power and torque completely transforming the BMW 335i tuning, depending on the customer’s requirements tuning can add up to a massive 72bhp  

BMW Tuning
BMW performance tuning

But we bet you did not know Viezu tuning can also reduce the carbon emissions of the BMW 335i engine by up to 20% thats a real fuel saving and a much leaner greener engine too Here is a video of this weeks BMW 335 tuning and development work:

You can see Viezu’s full list of BMW tuning here:

Feel free to watch Viezu performing a BMW 335i dyno run here:  

Viezu BMW Tuning is available for virtually all the BMW range of vehicles, including the BMW 1 series,  3, 5 and 7 series,  BMW X3, X5 and X6 series tuning as well as the full range on BMW M series tuning and ecu remapping