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The journey to becoming an extremely competent Master ECU File writer is not as daunting as you think these days.  With the advent of ECU map editing software from Companies like Dimsport map writing software, Alientech map writing software with pre-determined map packs you can be on to a winner in no time at all. Visit

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Learning to remap and chip-tune through a training course was not really heard of before Viezu Technologies launched its Viezu Technical Academy in 2008.

Alientech tuning tools, Alientech software, and training all available from Viezu 

The Viezu Technical Academy really broke new ground in this ECU remap file writing industry; before it was always left to individuals to try and do an informal master file writing apprenticeship from someone who was themselves already writing master ECU files.

Clearly this approach to some extent proved successful, however, the “apprenticeship” could take many years, learning from someone who was not a skilled and trained Trainer and someone themselves who may have learnt how to remap, chip-tune and use ECU software editing programme from another master or worse by lurking around internet forums.

The Viezu Technical Academy was launched to serve this ECU File Writing Training gap and help those wishing to become a master file writer. The reasons for wishing to do so are as vast as they are varied. Commonly we get told “I heard you can make a lot of money from ECU remapping”, “I want to make my own files”, “I want to move away from my current master”, “I want to move away from my current master and have the freedom to take my files from anywhere”

The Viezu Technical Academy takes the remap master file writer course through a journey, the person receiving the training is guided through the ECU software and where changes need to be made for each map. Also see

Profit margins and profit opportunities are soon realised as having greater potential if you are in fact the file producer.  Outside of master equipment investment, profits are 100% yours.

However, and here is the rub as someone once said…if you are not properly trained or fully experienced this can be a detrimentally expensive and risky business to run.  With the average cost “mistakes” leading to bricked ECUs being anywhere between £400-£2000 UK pounds. Not to mention the damage to reputation and issues surrounding customer services.

Look out for future blogs that discuss investment Vs risk needs when deciding to become a master ECU file writer.

Viezu has a wealth of knowledge and its Technical Academy is taking bookings now for 2016. Don’t get caught out taking a short-cut, invest in your knowledge, training and skills and get properly involved in the tuning industry building a solid and loyal customer base.

You won’t regret it! Email or telephone 00 44 (1)789 77 4444 and ask about 2016 VTA courses and discounts available for booking.

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