Audi RS6 Tuning

After extensive dyno time this week Viezu are very pleased to release our new Audi RS6 Tuning map. The Audi RS6 along with its stable mate the Audi RS4 are great vehicles to tune, responding well to the correct alteration of spark advance and fuelling.

Viezu Tuning can give very significant extra power and torque completely transforming the Audi RS6 tuning, giving additional midrange power and acceleration, an impressive 60bhp is achievable over standard bhp power.

The Viezu tuning software remaps the Audis RS6 tuning the engine to a real and genuine 490 + bhp  (depending upon the original performance) Viezu is constantly developing and improving its ECU tuning services. All development work is carried out in Viezu’s state of the art environmentally controlled Dyno cell, which houses Viezu’s 3000bhp rolling road and emission testing system.

Audi R8 tuning, RS4 and RS6 and all Audi tdi tuning can be carried out at Viezu’s UK and worldwide dealer network. ECU remapping and Chip tuning of Audi and VW can be carried out for just about all models from the range. The vag range of vehicles are very tuneable,  with Audi diesel (Audi tdi tuning) giving some fantastic results, both for power, performance and economy tuning,  whilst Audi Tuning for the petrol and Turbo models is primarily about performance tuning.

Some older models may require Chip tuning and Chip replacement – but we can of course cover this too.