Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and ECU Remapping

Aston Martin DB9 Tuning – Full OBD tuning and ECU Remapping at Viezu

Viezu has already established its self at the world leader in OBD tuning on Aston Martins, we were the first to release OBD tuning for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and develop OBD tuning for the Aston martin DB9. We have already developed a truly amazing range of Aston Martin  tuning services, but now it was time to perfect our Aston Martin DB9 tuning.

Aston martin tuning
Aston Martin tuning

Full access to all areas of the Aston Martin DB9’s ecu is now available and all through the diagnostic port – no need to remove the ecu and yes its completely undetectable So this week we have had the opportunity to dyno develop our tuning for the Aston martin DB9 V12 on our new Mustang Rolling road. Results were strong with gains of 15bhp at max RPM, and up to 22 at points across the rev range.

The drive, throttle response and mid-range power felt significantly stronger. The new Aston Martin DB9 ecu tuning provided can be fully custom tailored on the Aston Martin DB9 like never before, options can include power and performance tuning, co 2 reduction (yes drive a super car and save the planet) 02 sensor delete, rev limiter moving, tuning for fuel grades and optimization, and full on track day performance – your car – your way. And like all our tuning and ECU remapping offered by Viezu, the Aston Martin DB9 tuning comes with full custom tuning, the tuning is fully insured worldwide and has our no quibble money back promise.

Viezu can also supply a stunning range of Aston Martin Performance products, including Aston Martin DB9 performance exhaust systems for all models, including DB9 exhaust systems, racing and performance catalytic convertors, air filters and much much more For further information on any Aston Martin DB9 tuning requirements – please e-mail us at ,

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