Alientech tuning tools, software, training and updates – Ksuite 2.13

Alientech Tuning Tools, software and updates at Viezu 

Ksuite 2.13 enhances the tuning experience further offering further expansion to both Kess and KTAG vehicle lists. With Ksuite 2.13 you can now tune the McLaren MP4-12C is now supported via KTAG, giving you the best reason yet to get a KTAG, this is on top of the fantastic news not too long ago that BMW F series is now supported to with Viezu 

Alientech tuning tools, training Viezu

Don’t worry Kess wasn’t left out with this latest update from the brand new 1.5 diesel Ford Fiesta to the 1 litre 2014 VAGs. But that’s not all 2.13 also brought us a fantastic update to truck and tractors, especially to the Cummins. The protocols covers many vehicle makes, including; VW, Iveco, Landini, Komatsu and more…. Please see below for full details of this exciting update…

KESSv2 CAR ·    New Family 486 (FORD EDC17C10 CAN) ·    New Family 499 (VAG BOSCH ME17.5.24 TC1724 CAN) TRUCK ·    New Family 493 (CUMMINS GENERIC TRUCK CONTINENTAL CM2220A CAN) ·    New Family 494 (CUMMINS VOLKSWAGEN TRUCK CONTINENTAL CM2220A CAN) ·    New Family 500 (CUMMINS IVECO TRUCK MOTOROLA CM850 CAN) ·    New Family 502 (CUMMINS KING LONG TRUCK RECON CM2150E CAN) ·    New Family 504 (CUMMINS MONACO TRUCK CM570 CAN) TRACTOR ·    New Family 490 (LANDINI/LINDNER TRACTOR PERKINS ENGINE BOSCH EDC17C49 CAN) ·    New Family 491 (CLAAS TRACTOR FPT ENGINE BOSCH EDC17CV41 CAN) ·    New Family 492 (CLAAS/JOHN DEERE TRACTOR FPT ENGINE BOSCH EDC17C49 CAN) ·    New Family 495 (CUMMINS SEENEBOGEN TRACTOR CM2250 CAN) ·    New Family 496 (CUMMINS KOMATSU TRACTOR CM2250 CAN) ·    New Family 497 (CUMMINS HYDREMA TRACTOR CM2250 CAN) ·    New Family 498 (JOHN DEERE TRACTOR PHOENIX L33 CAN) ·    New Family 503 (CUMMINS ATLAS TRACTOR CM2250 CAN) K-Tag BOOTLOADER TRICORE ·    New Family 698 (BOSCH EDC17C10 IROM TC1797 FORD GPT) ·    New Family 707 (BOSCH MED17.1.1 IROM TC1797 VAG GPT) ·    New Family 708 (BOSCH ME17.8.3 IROM TC1797 MCLAREN GPT) ·    New Family 709 (BOSCH ME17.9.20 IROM TC1782 RENAULT GPT) ·    New Family 710 (BOSCH EDC17C66 IROM TC1793 MERCEDES GPT) ·    New Family 711 (BOSCH MED17.3.4 IROM TC1797 MASERATI GPT)

If you are looking to get into tuning, remapping or looking for Alientech tools and training contact us now free demonstrations session available