Viezu Blue Letter Days

For the true motoring enthusiast Viezu has put together some very special experience days that really can give you something to drive on about.

car tuning experience day

Exclusive learn to tune day

Why have your car tuned, when you can learn to tune it yourself VIP style. This day is the petrol heads dream come true - see your car tested and baselined in the Viezu controlled dynamometer cell, and then be guided, trained and coached on the fine art of modern engine tuning and ECU remapping. You will learn the full aspects of vehicle tuning and ecru remapping including:

  • The Viezu McInce methodology (Mapwritting In Controlled Environments)
  • Using Master software and hardware for file recalibration
  • Identify and joining file programmes
  • ECU Types, program maps, controls and selections for modification
  • Tuning file writing and modification
  • Dyno testing

All the smoke and mirrors are stripped away and you can learn what it is to be a master car tuner, tuning your own car to perfection with careful and expert guidance.

This full hands on tuning day should not be missed and includes real life tuning training on the latest map writing software and techniques used by the Viezu experts to tune top performing motor sport vehicles. Most cars can be catered for on this bespoke training and experience day, but please enquire to be sure.

car tuning live

Prices from £1000 per day, which includes all training, refreshments, photos/video, certificate of completion, dyno and emission results, as well of course as the custom creation and testing of your bespoke vehicle tuning file for you to drive home.

Group bookings are available.

Please call or e-mail for details.

Viezu Dyno Day

VIP Dyno Day

Want to impress your friends with an amazing day out, why not book a group VIP dyno day and rolling road experience? A great enthusiasts and friends day out, they all claim to have the best motor, but who really has the power? Find out on the Viezu 3000bhp rolling road.

These fun and action packed days can be fully custom tailored to the client's requirements and budget, and can include:

  • Breakfast on arrival
  • Testing of up to 15 cars up to 3000bhp · hands on dyno testing experience. Feel the power!
  • Emission testing
  • Custom map and tuning file demonstration
  • Champagne lunch
  • Promotion models
  • Certificate of testing and certified dyno BHP
  • Video/keep sake picture library

Map and tuning writing demonstration dyno results. 

VIP Dyno Day Prices start from just £300 per day - please call 01789 774444 or email for details.

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5 Tips to ensure your vehicle is tuned with genuine tools

Date Added: 10/01/2017

5 Tips to ensure your vehicle is tuned with genuine tools

Cowboy engine remappers wreck vehicles and cost owners in repair bills by using fake cloned tuning tools. To ensure an engine tuner is reputable, has the appropriate back-up and genuine tools, Viezu is recommending drivers ask these five simple questions before handing over their car keys.

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Viezu launches its new aftermarket carbon fibre body kit for the Jaguar XE

Date Added: 24/09/2016

Viezu launches its new aftermarket carbon fibre body kit for the Jaguar XE

Developed in conjunction with VIP Design, known for their vehicle styling upgrades, this model has been treated to a software upgrade too from Viezu Technologies - an upgrade delivers extra bhp and torque for each engine variant in the XE range is available.

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IMI Approved Training

Date Added: 07/09/2016

IMI Approved Training

This year Viezu' training courses became approved by The Institute Of The Motor Industry (IMI); an institution focussed on professional development, quality and service ensuring each training delegate can progress their professional qualifications with the Viezu Technical Academy.

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Distance Learning and Online Training Program for WinOLS

Date Added: 07/09/2016

Distance Learning and Online Training Program for WinOLS

Online training for EVC WinOLS. Learn to use WinOLS online with the Viezu Technical Academy.

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