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XKR 610 BHP PLUS Conversion

XKR Performance Tuning

Date Added: 09/12/2019

XKR 610plus!!! What can I say folks except the following...

From the very 1st email sent, a 6hour drive, and two day stay from Scotland to the last handshake with Ian and the Team, I was not disappointed!!

The Enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise professionalism and down right fantastic attitude towards their customer service is second to none!!

My pride and joy is my Jaguar XKR which VIEZU transformed from purring cat into an absolute beast!!! The 1st Dyno Run was, on my own admittance disappointing, however within the space of just one day the Team at VIEZU managed to transform my car to 610BHP plus! with 858NM Torque!! I was absolutely gobsmacked and so was Joyce!

These people really go the extra mile as on day two of picking the car up and seeing the final dyno run they had picked Joyce and I from our stay, valeted the car and advised no further modifications need be as the car is powerful enough. In other words folks, VIEZU is not only there to give you 100percent quality… but unlike most places, they will not rip you off. 

Finally a special thanks goes out to all involved….
Ian McFarlane, James (on Mechanics), Mel (on Marketing), Stuart, Myles and the Technical director, Simon.