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Viezu Range Rover SVR Upgrade

Viezu Range Rover SVR Upgrade

Date Added: 24/01/2019

Viezu remapped Range Rover SVR with supercharger pulley upgrade

I left your premises in my upgraded Range Rover SVR and drove it straight to Liverpool: 125 miles on all kinds of roads. 

Very first impressions? Nothing. No extra noise or harshness, the same smoothness I had enjoyed so much. Then came the first de-restricted stretch and the extra torque was immediately obvious. Acceleration from 50-70mph seemed almost instant.  Applying full throttle resulted in savage acceleration like I have never experienced before except in Concorde, taking off from Heathrow on full afterburner. Mind you, the SVR was a lot quieter than Concorde! The difference from standard is genuinely dramatic and really very intoxicating. I failed to find even the slightest drawback from your work. The power delivery is smooth, and feels perfectly developed and integrated with the rest of the vehicle.

That’s not all.

I tested the fuel consumption from your place to Liverpool city centre. The computer showed an average of 30.0 mpg. This amazed me as I have never had a reading better than 25.5 mpg on similar journeys before your Viezu upgrades were fitted. Something for nothing then? It certainly looks like it! 

Many thanks to you and your team. This was a job really well done, and at an affordable price. Tim