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Viezu Jaguar XKR Upgrade

Date Added: 24/01/2019

Just to let you know that the car is driving beautifully and that I am more than impressed with the work carried out and the net result.The entire package feels thoroughly developed and is perfectly balanced in relation to the rest of the vehicle,particularly the gearbox.The performance boost is ‘slingshot’ and nothing short of stunning but never at the expense of refinement,preserving the car’s essential duality as you promised.The noise is addictive,ranging from deep burble to loud shriek with controlled popping inbetween which allows me to play the National Anthem using the paddle shifts.This is the now quite simply the perfect XKR and the car it should always have been and as a result you have also delivered on the big grin you guaranteed....

... congratulations on your recent Autocar article....

Kind regards,James.