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Viezu Customer Service and More

Viezu Customer Service and More

Date Added: 24/01/2019

My car, BMW E61 520d lci, 2008.

I look after my car as you can see from these photos, it has covered over 190000 miles…. 

…. I was pointed in the direction of Viezu by someone who is very highly thought of in the engine tuning business. I pulled the trigger and, well what can I say!

BMW well maintained at 194k miles

Set aside Viezu's commitment to customer service which I consider second to none having visited their facility, the mapping work they do has to be experienced. My diesel engine is now as quiet and smooth as the petrol equivalent, this has also been noticed by passengers and, passers-by when it’s in idle.

BMW Remapping with Viezu

Everything seems timed so much better the turbo opens up at just the right time and keeps forcing the air until I chicken out but retains an air of calmness and reassurance. A transformation. It would be very easy at the gas station to forget it’s a diesel vehicle. I average over 55mpg all day long, at motorway speeds I never get less than 48.5mpg.

If anyone is on the fence about a re map please call these guys, they know what they are doing with your engine.