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Ford Ranger Remap - More than we expected!

Ford Ranger Remap - More than we expected!

Date Added: 15/02/2019

We are blown away with the remap for our Ford Ranger Wildtrak!!! We wanted more power and we got more than we expected! 

It's always felt slow and heavy, and didn't perform well pulling out of junctions. We took it to VIEZU for it's remap after hearing the excellent reviews & we couldn't be happier! 

Now, it pulls out of junctions and drives with a great deal more confidence than before, which feels a lot safer for the school run!!

My husband uses the Ranger for long distance journeys and towing at work. He says it is almost like it isn't towing anything, it's effortless!

If you haven't had your Ford Ranger tuned, you are missing out! VIEZUs service is 100%, best we've experienced!

Thank you so much! ~ HW

NOTE: This remap is also available on V-SWITCH DRIVE as a DRIVE SETTING

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