Range Rover Supercharger Pulley Upgrade – 4.2 Ltr

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Range Rover Supercharger Pulley Upgrade – 4.2 Ltr Stainless Steel upper pulley

Range Rover Supercharger Pulley Upgrade for the 4.2 Ltr engine. This Range Rover Upgraded Supercharger Pulley improves throttle response and midrange power by up to 28bhp. As such, be in no doubt, the VIEZU Range Rover 4.2 supercharger pulley will really bring your Range Rover performance to life.

Viezu use the very latest aircraft grade materials to manufacture their Range Rover supercharger pulley upgrade. Over the past 15 years VIEZU and supplied over 600 upgraded supercharger pulleys and upgrades.  Therefore nothing is left to chance.  As well as the mail order service if you are able to, why not visit VIEZU and have your pulley fully fitted. And perhaps at the same time, your upgrade can be combined with a custom  tune and remap on the VIEZU rolling road.

Range Rover Tuning
Range Rover supercharger upgrade and tuning

VIEZU offer supercharger pulley fitting and tuning service and well as international mail order, and tax free sales. Therefore the Range Rover supercharger pulley can form part of a much larger tuning package if required. Ask now how VIEZU can turn your Range Rover into a supercar intimidator!

And if you cant make it in to the VIEZU workshops for fitting. Your new supercharger pulley will come with full fitting instructions.

Worldwide mail order, and tax free international sales are available. Please place your order in the VIEZU shop and the service team will get right to work dispatching your parts. Or if you need any help, or have any questions. Please e-mail the team at info@VIEZU.com.

You may like to see this fitting video we have prepared for our mail order customers. How to fit a supercharger pulley

And you can see more from VIEZU on Ranger Rover tuning and performance upgrades here: Range Rover Tuning

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