Range Rover Supercharger Pulley 3.0 Ltr

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Range Rover Supercharger Pulley 3.0 Ltr – Upper Pulley

Range Rover Supercharger Pulley 3.0 Ltr – Upper Pulley. The VIEZU smaller upgraded Range Rover supercharger pulley delivers a very noticeable improvement in throttle response. The power and pull comes in sooner, and pulls harder throughout the rev range. The end result is faster more abundant, and yet smoother  power delivery. Power and BHP 25bhp.

You may fin it interesting to note, that the factory fitted 3.0 V6 super charger pulley is smaller than that fitted to the V8. The supercharger unit its self  is the same on both engines. But, Land Rover do not use the same supercharger pulley on both the V6 and the V8 engines. The supercharger pulley is smaller on the V6 than that fitted to the 5.0 V8 engine. Most suppliers of upgraded supercharger pulleys don’t tell you this. And in fact will sell you the same smaller pulley for the V6 as they do for the V8. However, if you have a 3.0 Ltr V6 this will not be the right, or best upgraded pulley option for your car.

Hence, don’t waste your money!

What nobody wants to tell you is the  pulley sold as an upgrade for the V8 engine, is pretty much the same size as the standard pulley fitted on the V6 supercharger. So if you purchase one of these, you are in fact changing one pulley for another of pretty much the same size. The net result, is almost no additional power for your money.

However, VIEZU has developed a unique smaller Jaguar 3.0ltr V6 supercharger pulley. So it is significantly smaller than the V8 Upgrade option.

Supercharger pulleys and upgrades are available with mail order delivery. And also if you are in the UK, you may like to have the VIEZU workshop fitting service.  And if you do, it may be an ideal time to consider a bespoke and custom tune to ensure you get the very best power from your new pulley too. A tune and pulley with significantly further boost performance. Taking the power delivery to over 50bhp

Alternatively, your new pulley can be sent out to you complete with fitting instructions. Worldwide tax free international sales are available. And if you need any help at all, feel free to e-mail the team at info@VIEZU.com.

Please see here for a fitting training video especially for our mail order customers. How to fit a supercharger pulley


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