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VIEZU Specialise in  ECU Remapping, and in conjunction with our dealer network, we offer one of the worlds leading tuning services. Whether you want better fuel economy, more power, or both, you can rest assured that our customised vehicle ECU remapping services will deliver results beyond your expectations.

Working with our dealers in Manchester VIEZU is able to offer mobile and workshop-based services. In other words, we can travel to you if you live in and around Manchester, near areas such as Liverpool, Bury, Rochdale, Blackburn, Preston, Cheshire.

A VIEZU remap could offer you:

  • A reversible and often undetectable process
  • Improved driving experience
  • An increase in power and torque
  • Towing capacity is improved
  • Increases fuel efficiency 
  • A reduction in turbo lag
  • No harm to your engine
  • Enhanced throttle response

For remapping, we only use genuine tools and don’t install generic files that can harm your vehicle. Our remaps are custom made to fit each vehicle and tuned to the specific needs of your vehicle by our team of experienced file writers

So what are you waiting for Manchester? Get in touch with us today.

In order to provide you with the best Manchester tuning services, VIEZU uses some of the most advanced ECU remapping/chip tuning software on the market. We have some of the world’s most experienced vehicle tuning engineers. All of our tuning programs have been meticulously developed and tested to ensure that they deliver the best possible results.

The tuning programmes we develop are tested on real vehicles using dynamometers and emissions measurements.

Our tuning services, and particularly the Blue Optimize economy tuning, are multi-award winners and recognized as industry leaders worldwide.

Give your car a fresh lease of life

If you are considering replacing your current vehicle because it lacks performance, why not increase its performance safely without harming your engine?

We offer performance and economy remap options that increase power while increasing fuel economy.

Reasons To Tune With VIEZU

  • We Offer Significant Potential Performance Gains
  • We Can Demonstrate Our Performance Gains On Our Rolling Road
  • Improved Throttle Response – Designed To Allow For Safer Overtaking
  • Our BlueOptimize Tune Offers Improved Diesel Economy
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – We will Even Restore Your Car Back To Standard Free Of Charge
  • Fully Insured Remaps – You Can Be Confident That You Will Be Covered If The Unexpected Occurs
VIEZU – Economy Remap, Car Engine Tuning, ECU Remapping

We founded VIEZU Technologies with a single objective: to provide the highest quality vehicle remapping and tuning services anywhere in the world. For many years, VIEZU has strived to achieve perfection in the science of car tuning and REMAP SOFTWARE. No detail is left to chance at VIEZU, our remap and ECU mapping R&D department is completely dedicated to ECU mapping and chip tuning. Visit our industry-leading facilities and meet our team if you want to see what we do.

Find VIEZU in Manchester

We have authorised dealers all around the world, and by using our dealer map you can find the nearest or most convenient one for you.  Alternatively, if you would like to come to VIEZU directly you can find The Viezu Technology Centre just outside of Stratford-Upon-Avon in the village of Bidford-on-Avon, we handle all kinds of automotive upgrades, including ECU Remaps, Tuning, pulley upgrades, exhausts, wheels, and a whole range of performance and cosmetic enhancements; We can test performance on site on our 3000hp rolling road and provide accurate dynographs to you.

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your car, commercial vehicle, bike, bus, agricultural vehicle, or even boat, then it’s well worth getting in contact.

Greater Manchester ECU Remapping brought to you by VIEZU Technologies

Greater Manchester’s #1 choice for engine tuning and ECU remapping

No matter what type of remap you need, whether sports performance, diesel engine tuning, or dpf solutions, our expert ECU remap specialists use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure each client gets exactly what they want. As a custom tuning company, we promise to never offer common and dangerous “one-size-fits-all” ECU remaps.

What Is ECU Remapping And Tuning?

When a car manufacturer develops a new model, they have to take into account all of the conditions it may face in every region in which they intend to sell it. Therefore, instead of simply optimizing an ECU’s program or ‘map’ to increase performance or fuel efficiency, compromises will be made to the map to account for the potential differences in operating conditions. There are many reasons for this, including using substandard fuels, experiencing extreme temperatures or altitudes, following different emissions laws, and even not ensuring that the vehicle is serviced regularly.

During ECU remapping, the vehicle’s current compromised map is read from the ECU’s processing chip and various parameters within it are adjusted to bring out the engine’s full potential, such as fuel pressure, boost pressure, ignition advance, and throttle pedal control, etc. The process is completely safe because it restores the engine’s original performance before all compromises were applied to it. A map is unique to each engine, and it is possible to fine-tune this map to unleash more power and reduce fuel consumption.

Green Toyota Yaris GR Manchester

Our Quality Assurance

We have won a number of awards for our ECU Mapping and Chip Tuning products, including the Queen’s Award for Innovation. With over 650 ECU remapping dealerships around the world, VIEZU has a strong international presence. As one of the few truly global ECU mapping and economy remap providers, Veizu’s fuel economy tuning and  fleet tuning services lead the industry in reducing fuel bills, and they are used by the largest vehicle operators around the world.

VIEZU is ISO 9001:2015 Registered. Insurance backed and full custom file writing to each vehicle. The VIEZU ECU remapping services include car economy tuningperformance car tuningcar engine tuning and ecu remapping for well over 5000 different vehicle types. Details on all of our tuning services, dealer network, remapping software and training can be found on our website, or just mail us at

For 100% peace of mind, we offer an internationally insured and guaranteed, no quibble money back promise.

VIEZU has decades of experience working with all manufactures including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, BMW, Jagaur, Land Rover, Ferrari, and Porsche, We are able to offer our services from our centres in Manchester, Stalybridge, Bury, Heywood and at our HQ,

Book Your Remap

Find out more about our tuning service, and book your remap at a VIEZU Dealer near Manchester!

Viezu Technologies offers ECU remapping and tuning for petrol and diesel cars. By remapping or tuning your ECU, you can release the full power of your engine.

If you need a remapping for a petrol engine or a diesel engine, contact award-winning Viezu Technologies today and ask about our special treatment options. In most cases, the car remapping software is completed quickly, while the customer waits.

Check out our performance calculator to see how much your vehicle can gain.

Our Services

Tuning Files

Car Tuning in the modern era! Tuning Files: There are several different terms for the software that vehicle tuners’ and remappers’ use to describe what they are doing. Covering the recalibration of an ECU of a vehicle to improve its performance. As such, phrases like engine remapping, tuning files, chip-tuning files or maps. As well [...]

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Range Rover Tuning Specialists

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Exotic Elite Car Tuning

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High Quality Performance Parts for Cars

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Testing and Measuring

Vehicle Test And Measurement VIEZU is committed to vehicle tuning and is fully invested in the latest test and measurement equipment. Engine remapping or ECU remapping is not a dark art, every aspect of a vehicle's performance is measurable. VIEZU remaps are developed in-house and tested to prove reliability and purpose; be that fuel efficiency, [...]

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